Sony Announces Live PlayStation Showcase for September 9

You'll be able to tune in on YouTube or Twitch

Sony has announced the next PlayStation Showcase live event, which will air next week on Thursday, September 9, at 1:00pm PT (4:00pm ET).

With Sony skipping out on this year's E3, it's understandable it would want to find another way to grab the spotlight. And what's better than holding its own presentation event? Though a heads-up for VR fans: Sony will not be showing off anything for the next generation of PlayStation VR. Whether or not this means "no VR at all," or just "no next-gen VR" remains to be seen, however.

Playstation Showcase


According to the official announcement, the Showcase will focus primarily (maybe exclusively?) on the PlayStation 5. Sony also promises "updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers, for games releasing this holiday and beyond." You also can hang around after the main event to learn more about some of the featured studios.

As for what's actually going to be in the Showcase, that's still up in the air. Sony hasn't specified anything or provided the names of any titles, but we can probably guess at least a few of them. With pre-orders for Horizon Forbidden West recently opening up, it seems like a given. Hopefully we'll also see a bit more on the intriguing-looking Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is scheduled to release sometime later this year.

Sony's PlayStation Showcase can be watched live on its official site, or on YouTube or Twitch. It's planned to go for about 40 minutes, so it won't eat up too much of your afternoon, either.

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