Sony Announces Three 4K Video Projectors at CEDIA 2015

The Sony VPL-W5000ES Video Projector With Laser Light Source
The Sony VPL-W5000ES Video Projector With Laser Light Source. Image provided by Sony Electronics

4K Ultra HD TVs get all the marketing hype these days, but 4K has also made its way into the video projector market, with Sony is one of the primary movers. To promote their latest 4K projector offerings, Sony was on hand at the 2015 CEDIA Expo with three 4K projector models, the VPL-VW365ES, VPL-VW665ES, and the VPL-W5000ES.


The big star of the three projectors is the very high-end VPL-W5000ES. What makes this projector special is that instead of a traditional lamp, it utilizes a Laser-based light source which is not only highly efficient but allows for instant on/off capability, and eliminates the need for periodic lamp replacement.

The laser light source is used in combination with Sony's 3-Chip SXRD technology to project images onto the screen.

As it is configured, the VPL-W5000ES can output as much as 5,000 lumens (B&W and Color), which allows support for HDR-encoded 4K resolution content. In addition, the projector is compliant with the BT.2020 (Rec. 2020) color gamut which allows for a more accurate color image. The projector is also fully 3D capable.

Additional features include full HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 compliant, provides both power zoom, and optical lens shift. The VPL-W5000ES can also be physically tilted up as much as 30 degrees which provide more flexibility for small room installations.

Also, the VPL-W5000ES includes built-in calibration tools so that users can maintain peak performance over time.

The VPL-W5000ES is expected to be available sometime in the Spring of 2016, at a suggested price of (you better be sitting down), of $59,999 - Official Product Page

However, if you really want a 4K video projector and the VPL-W5000ES is a little out of your reach, Sony also announced two more choices at CEDIA 2015.


From the information released by Sony so far, this projector has some of the same capabilities as the Laser-based VPL-W5000ES, such as 4K native display resolution and HDR support, but, in this case, uses a traditional lamp (6,000 hour life) in combination with 3-chip SXRD technology, with a light output of 1,800 lumens, a 300,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio.

The VPL-VW665ES is also HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 compliant and also provides a 3D viewing option. This projector also features Sony's distinctive cabinet design with center mounted lens, motorized zoom, and optical lens shift.

The price for the VPL-VW665ES $14,999 - Official Product Page - Buy From Amazon


Sony has not provided much information, but has the same center lens form factor as the VPL-VW665ES, as well as motorized zoom, native 4K display resolution, and 3D viewing option, but forgoes HDR support and a has a lower light output of 1,500 lumens.

The Price for the VPL-VW365ES is $9,999 - Official Product Page - Buy From Amazon

One More...

Also, for those may not be ready to make the resolution and price jump to 4K, Sony also showed another new projector, the VPL-HW65ES, which sports a native 1080p display resolution.

However, this projector does carry over some features from the 4K models, including the same 1,800 lumens output that the VPL-VW665ES (no HDR support), as well as a 6,000-hour lamp life, and 3D viewing option, but a lower dynamic contrast level of 120,000:1.

The price for the VPL-HW65ES is $3,999 - Official Product Page - Buy From Amazon

More Info

All of the projectors listed above provide 9 preset picture modes (Cinema Film 1/2, Cinema Digital, Reference, TV, Photo, Game, Bright Cinema, and Bright TV), as well as additional picture calibration options.

NOTE: The Sony VPL-VW665ES, VW365ES, and HW65ES Video Projectors only provide HDMI video inputs (2 each). There are no analog composite, component, or S-video input options provided.

Original Publish Date: 10/16/2015 - Robert Silva