Sonos Unveils Premium Sound Bar for Your Streaming TV

Sonos Arc Soundbar is its first with Dolby Atmos support

The audio on your HDTV or 4K TV is usually average, at best. You probably need a good soundbar. Sonos's Arc sound bar is a new and intriguing, albeit pricey, choice.

TV with Sonos Arc
The new Sonos Arc sits below an HDTV.  Sonos

Sonos is updating its home theater sound lineup with a brand new, $799 Arc soundbar and fresh components for its sub woofer, the Sonos Sub 3rd Generation and Sonos 5 speaker.

Hello, Netflix: Sonos Arc is also designed to work with 100 different streaming services.

A new generation: All the new audio devices will run Sonos' upcoming Sonos S2 app, meaning they will not run on previous Sonos software. Most existing Sonos devices should work on S2 software, with the exceptions of Zone Players, CR200, Bridge, Connect (Gen 1), Connect:Amp (Gen 1), and Play:5 (Gen 1).

Setting a higher bar: The Arc is Sonos' first sound bar to support Dolby Atmos sound and 3D audio. Its tube-shaped body has 11 Class D digital amplifiers, eight elliptical woofers and three tweeters. There's a front, center channel for dialogue, left and right channels that can bounce audio off your walls and additional channels facing further out and pointed toward the ceiling. All, according to Sonos, enhance the surround and immersive sound experience.

Set it where you want: The 13.78 lb. Arc can sit in front on your TV; it's low-profile enough to not block the screen, or be wall mounted (there's a $79 wall-mount add-on). The Arc will also recognize when it's wall-mounted and do an EQ adjustment to lower the bass and, perhaps, cut down on wall vibrations.

Out with the old, in with the new: The Arc replaces both the Playbar and the Playbase leaving just the Arc and the Beam in the soundbar lineup.

Sonos Arc
Sonos Arc sideview.  Sonos

I hear you: In addition to speech enhancement technology, the system includes something called Night Sound, which can lower loud sound effects for when someone else is sleeping while you binge.

Talk to it: The Arc has a four far-field microphone array which it uses for built-ion Amazon Alexa support. It also works with Google Assistant.

Team player. Sonos Arc connects into your wired or wireless network and will work with your existing Sonos system. Even when the TV is off, you can use the Sonos app to play music through it. The Arc will also work with AirPlay 2.

Coming soon: Sonos Arc goes on preorder on Wednesday, May 6, for $799. The updated Sub is $600 and the Sonos 5 is $499. All are set to ship in June.

Bottom line: We watch a lot of streaming content and audio is arguably at least half the experience. Sound bars do make a difference, but, as usual, Sonos is asking you to make a hefty investment for what is probably high-quality audio.

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