Sonos Devices Get DTS Audio Support

More ways to experience surround sound

Sonos’ lineup of home theater devices now has DTS Digital Surround audio support so you can be immersed in a sound experience while watching movies, playing games, or listening to music. 

The addition of DTS audio comes in a new update for the software version 13.4. The DTS audio format is one of the biggest players in the surround sound landscape, alongside other names such as Dolby Digital, and can be used across more device sources. 

Sonos Beam soundbar


DTS uses less compression in the encoding (or transfer) process than other audio formats like Dolby. As a result, when DTS is decoded, it usually provides a better listening experience, according to some listeners.

The Verge notes that DTS support would be available for Sonos devices, both new and old, in the update. These devices include the Sonos Arc and both generations of the Beam soundbar, Amp, Playbar, and Playbase.

In addition, you'll be able to see that your system is playing the DTS format by looking for a 'DTS Surround 5.1' badge that appears in the Sonos app. 

The other new features in the 13.4 update are a new Battery Saver mode for portable Sonos speakers, a new way to access EQ settings, and an HD badge that shows up on the Now Playing screen while Sonos is playing higher quality audio.

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