Sonoro Cubo Model AU-1300 CD Player/Clock Radio Review

Sonoro Cubo AU-1300 CD Player/Clock Radio - Front View
Sonoro Cubo AU-1300 CD Player/Clock Radio - Front View. Photo (c) Robert Silva

Do you have a great home theater or audio system in your home, but listen to a cheap clock radio for your bedroom or kitchen? If you desire a compact CD player/Clock radio combination that actually delivers great sound, then you might consider the Sonoro Cubo Model AU-1300. The Cubo features a built-in slot load CD player that is CD/CD-R/RW, CD-MP3, and CD-WMA compatible. Also, this compact unit has a rear mount audio input jack for connecting an iPod or other digital audio player. In addition, the Cubo also contains an FM tuner and Clock, and is available in ten different colors.


  • Excellent sound quality and depth for a compact system.
  • Rear mounted port for extended bass response.
  • Convenient Slot loading CD player.
  • Connections available for iPod connection.
  • White Gloves included to clean the outside surface.


  • No remote control provided.
  • Top mounted speaker and some function buttons restricts placing in tight vertical spaces.
  • Mono speaker system built-in, Stereo playback only accessible via headphones.
  • Only six FM Presets.
  • High price point: $350.


  • Cube-shaped CD player/Clock Radio combination unit.
  • Front mounted slot-loading CD Player (CD, CD-R/RW, CD-MP3, CD-WMA compatible).
  • CD playback functions include: 20 programable CD tracks, One Track or Entire CD Repeat mode, Random and Programmed Playback.
  • FM Radio with PLL Tuner and six available station presets.
  • Full-range, high quality speaker with integrated bass-reflex tube for extended bass respsonse.
  • Internal FM Antenna, rear mounted connection for external FM antenna provided. Internal/External antenna selector switch.
  • Digital Clock with Dual Alarm Function; Wake up to CD, Radio, or Beep. Snooze Function included.
  • 3.5 mm input jack for use with iPods and MP3 Players. Stereo Headphone Output Jack.
  • Demensions: 8.7" x 5.39" 9.06"; Weight: 3700 grams (8.16 lbs). Power Supply: Available in 120v/60hz or 230v/50hz.
  • Included Accessories: MP3 Player Cradle, 3.5mm audio cable, External FM antenna, White gloves.

Guide Review - Sonoro Cubo Model AU-1300 Compact CD Player and Clock Radio - Product Review

What does a CD player/Clock Radio have to do with home theater? For me, after being spoiled by a good home theater audio system, it is frustrating sometimes to lay in bed or wake up to a "tinny" sounding CD player/clock radio.

I first had a chance to hear the Sonoro Cubo at CES and was impressed with the big sound that came out its single, mono, speaker. Now, having had a chance to use and listen to the Cubo, I must say that it does not disappoint.

Its internal speaker system consists only of a top mounted full-range speaker and a rear mounted port, but the sound that comes out has a lot of depth and good bass reproduction. I played several types of music genres: classical, pop, jazz, and the Cubo actually did pretty well: clean sound, realistic bass (considering the size of the unit), good vocal presence, and decent instrumental depth. I have heard worse from larger and more expensive units.

Of course, the Cubo is not nearly the same as a full-fledged, full-size, stereo or home theater system, but listening to the Cubo, you don't feel as if you retreated back to that old clock radio or bass-less mini system.

On the other hand, as much as I liked the Cubo, it is not perfect. It would have been nice to incorporate a wireless remote control for more convenience. Also, since the speaker and some of the controls are mounted on top, you can't always place it on a bookshelf that has short vertical shelf space.

A nice touch that Sonoro provides is a pair of white gloves that are used to keep the dust off the unit so that the color finish remains clean and shiny. As far as decor goes, the Cubo is available in ten different colors (in addition to standard Black or White) including Silver, Red,and Green.

Although a little pricey, the Cubo both sounds good and looks good; and it still tells time. I give the Sonoro Cubo AU-1300 4 out of 5 Stars.

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