Listen to Free Music with the Songza App

Free Music Streaming with Songza App

The Songza app was officially retired and taken offline on January 31st, 2016 after being acquired by Google in 2014. Many of its iconic features were rolled into the Google Play Music app, which you can download and listen to for free on both iOS and Android devices. also now redirects to Google Play Music on the web. This article is being retained for archive purposes.

Ever since the Internet grew to become more of a common household necessity, people have been trying to figure out how they can listen to free music without needing to pay for it.

Everyone knows that file sharing and pirating has long been a problem for the music industry, but not everyone can afford to buy all the music they love.

Songza may be a great solution to that problem. It’s totally free, and very fun to use.

What Is Songza?

Songza is a free music app for the web and for mobile devices that allows users to enjoy the right music at the right time. It’s a personal music player that learns what you like and gives you custom listening suggestions.

The app takes all the work out of searching for music and creating playlists manually. When you use it, you get no audio advertisements, no listening limits and no streaming fees.

Songza’s Concierge Feature

What really differentiates Songza from other music streaming services like Spotify is it’s Concierge feature. It sets up playlists for you based on the date, time and mood you might be in.

For example, if it’s a Wednesday night, Songza’s Concierge might ask you if you want to listen music for unwinding after a long day, for working out, for an evening commute, for studying or for eating dinner.

Although the Concierge detects the time and date for you, you can always head on over to the “Explore” tab to get more choices or make changes to what you want to listen to. Browse through genres, activities, moods, decades, culture or use the record-store clerk to give you some quirky music suggestions!

Songza's Playlists & Popular

When you listen to any playlist suggested by Songza, it's automatically stored under your “My Playlists” tab so you can listen to it again later. You can add playlists to your “Favorites” section within the My Playlists tab and view what your friends are listening to on Songza. If a friend has signed up for Songza through Facebook, their activity will show under the “Friends” section under the My Playlists tab.

Under the “Popular” tab, you can check out a whole bunch of music playlists that are hot right now. Browse through what’s featured, trending and current with “All-time.” Songza gives you so many ways to discover new music and new playlists, it’s almost impossible to run out of music to listen to.

Expert Review of Songza

Songza is absolutely one of the best apps I’ve ever used. I’m not surprised that it amassed nearly 2 million users since June of 2012 and that it has a retention rate of over 50 percent.

Songza’s Concierge feature and ways to explore new music pretty much tops every other music service I’ve tried. Making playlists from scratch is time consuming, and I love the options Songza gives for the time of day and what kind of mood I'm in. It even takes the season into account or holidays. Around Christmas time, I expect holiday playlists to start popping up!

Navigating the app takes some getting used to, but it’s nicely designed given how many features there are. I love that you can choose to hide the player or show the player easily when you want to browse through more music.

And you can easily shift the player to the side so you can share what you’re listening to on Facebook, Twitter or by email. There’s also a small shopping cart icon that searches for the song on iTunes to see if it’s available there.

I can’t find anything wrong with this app. I guess I only wished it worked on my iPod Touch without a WiFi connection. Still, it doesn’t take up very much data when I use it on my Android phone with a 3G network connection.

If you love music, I highly recommend trying Songza out. And for all that it offers without needing to pay a cent, it’s definitely worth it. Songza is available for iPhone (compatible with iPod Touch and iPad), for Android and for the Kindle Fire.