Song2Email iPhone App Review

Song2Email. Song2Email copyright Rocha Software Ltda.

The Good

  • Lets users email songs via attachment
  • Simple to use
  • Includes metadata like album art
  • Can send songs, albums, playlists, etc.

The Bad

  • 20 MB limit on new devices, 10 MB on older ones
  • Best for sending a few songs at a time
  • May use up monthly data limit quickly

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While the iOS can send many kinds of files as email attachments, one thing that it conspicuously can't send is songs. Presumably, this is part of Apple's continued efforts to prevent unauthorized music sharing. If you're not content to accept this Apple-imposed restriction, though, Song2Email (US$1.99) is one solution. With just a couple of taps, it allows you to send virtually any song on your iOS device to another user via email.

As Simple As The Name Suggests

With a name like Song2Email, it's not hard to get a pretty good idea of what this app does without even using it. Using it turns out to be as simple as the name suggests. Fire up the app, tap the big button to pull up your music library, select the song or songs you want to send, address the email, and send it. Voila! It's a very simple solution to a frustrating problem.

You can send multiple songs—up to 20 MB worth on the latest iOS devices, up to 10 MB on earlier models—choose entire albums or playlists, or even send all songs by a given artist (assuming they fit under that limit) with a single tap. Songs sent this way to retain all basic metadata like artist name, song name, and album, as well as album art. They don't include play counts or star ratings. That makes sense, though: Why would the person you share a song with want that information?

Sending the songs is a smooth process, but just how smooth will depend on the speed of your Internet connection and how many songs you're sending. Sending almost any number of songs is pretty fast over Wi-Fi, but try to send more than one song over the slower 3G network and you may be waiting a little while. This isn't the fault of Song2Email, but it's worth keeping in mind when you use the app.

Watch Your Data Limit

Song2Email does what it promises, so there's not a lot to criticize. But there are two issues that users of the app ought to be aware of.

First, that 10 MB or 20 MB limit. While that's the size limit for attachments in the iOS, it's possible that the email servers you're sending songs through will have lower attachment limits. If they do, you may have trouble sending more than one song at a time. Not a major drawback, but it's something that may make Song2Email better for sending a song or two at a time and not much more.

The other limit to keep in mind is your monthly data limit. When you're browsing websites or sending emails, you often won't come close to your plan's limit. But start sending a lot of 5-10 MB songs and you'll approach that limit quickly. This is more of an issue for those with the smaller monthly data plans, but if you expect to send a lot of songs using Song2Email, try getting on Wi-Fi (which is unlimited on iPhone data plans) first.

The Bottom Line

Song2Email adds a useful feature to the iOS and does it simply and well. It's a solid, easy to use app at a good price. One thing that confuses me a bit about it, though, is why you'd want to use it instead of its sibling app, Song Exporter Pro. That app makes sharing songs over the web easy and basically duplicates the functionality of Song2Email (albeit via a different approach). I suppose emailing songs may be simpler than downloading them, but the lack of differentiation between the apps is a little confusing.

That's not a major issue, and certainly not a reason to avoid either of the apps. If you want to share songs by email, Song2Email is a terrific option.

What You Need

An iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 4.1 or higher, and a Wi-Fi network.

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