Song Exporter Pro iPhone App Review

Song Exporter Pro app

Rocha Software Ltd.

Update 2018: While Song Exporter Pro is still available at the App Store, it hasn't been updated since 2016 so the app has likely been abandoned by its developer.

The Good

  • Simple transfer of songs from iOS to computer
  • Moves album art
  • Listen to iOS device on someone else's computer

The Bad

  • Best for moving a few songs, not hundreds or thousands
  • Doesn't move podcasts, playlists, playcounts or star ratings
  • Can't transfer songs with DRM

Song Exporter Pro (US$1.99) offers iOS device owners a pretty helpful feature: the ability to copy songs from their device to a desktop computer wirelessly. While it's best used for transferring a small number of files, rather than an entire iTunes library, Song Exporter Pro is worth a look for anyone interested in easy song sharing.

Simple Song Transfers

Song Exporter Pro is dead simple to use. Just connect your iOS device to a Wi-Fi network, add the songs you'd like to transfer via the app's interface, and point your computer's web browser to the IP address supplied by the app. On the web page supplied by the app, you can click on the song to listen to it through the browser or right/option click on it to download the file.

Because the transfer process is so easy, and downloading the songs is as fast as the target computer's network connection, Song Exporter Pro offers perhaps the simplest method of transferring a few songs from an iOS device to a computer that I've encountered.

If you want to share a few songs with friends, it's definitely an app to consider buying. If you want to use it to transfer your entire music library from your device to a new computer, though, I'd think twice.

A Handful of Drawbacks

While Song Exporter Pro's basic functionality is simple and powerful, the app has a number of flaws when it comes to more advanced features.

For instance, while you can add individual songs, all songs, or all songs from an album or artist, moving a lot of songs may involve a lot of scrolling and tapping on your device.

You can only download songs, not automatically add them to iTunes. And the songs, when downloaded, don't include the star rating or playcount (this doesn't really matter if you're giving the song to a friend, buy you'll probably want that information if you're trying to move it to a new computer of your own). You also can't move playlists, podcasts, or videos. These things combine to make Song Exporter Pro a poor choice for transferring iTunes libraries from one computer to another. For that, there are a number of more full-featured tools.

If you're sharing a handful of songs, the web interface — which requires you to download one song at a time — is fine. If you're moving hundreds or thousands of songs, though, that proposition becomes a bit more complex. After all, you don't want to have to individually download 100 songs. Some browsers or download-manager add-on tools can simplify this process, but it would be nice to see a simpler method of downloading all songs in the future.

The Bottom Line

Song Exporter Pro is a powerful utility that many iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners will find regular use for. While it's not the right tool to transfer a large iTunes library to a new computer, for sharing a few songs, it's simple and fast and worth the $1.99 price.

What You Need

An iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 4.1 or higher, and a Wi-Fi network.