Some Windows 11 Features Fail to Load Due to Failed Certificate

Specific built-in Windows apps are not working

Some Windows 11 features fail to load for users, and Microsoft said it’s due to a certificate that expired on October 31. 

According to a support document published on Thursday, Microsoft is warning Windows 11 users that specific built-in Windows apps or parts of some built-in apps cannot work. In particular, the most affected features seem to be the screenshot utility, Snipping Tool, and the S mode security feature. 

Windows 11

Microsoft said that when in S mode, the Accounts page and the landing page in the Settings app, and the Start menu might be affected by the expired certificate. Other issues users could encounter include problems with the Touch Keyboard, Voice Typing, and Emoji Panel; then Input Method Editor user interface; and the Tips section. 

Right now, you can mitigate the issue with the Snipping Tool by using a workaround suggested on the Windows 11 Known Issues page.

Microsoft said it is working on a near-term resolution for the Snipping Tool and the S mode issues and will provide an update when available. As far as the other problems mentioned, Microsoft said a patch known as KB5006746 is currently available and will resolve some of the problems. However, users will need to manually install the update from the support page because it's still in Preview status. 

Windows 11 has experienced multiple problems since its launch in early October. The Known Issues page is dedicated to cataloging all the issues found on the new OS as the company works to fix them. In the last 30 days alone, the OS has had 10 problems come up. 

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