Some iOS Users Experience 'No Service' Bug After 14.7.1 Update

A 14.8 update is reportedly in the works

Some iPhone owners are losing carrier service after updating to iOS 14.7.1.

The 14.7.1 patch was released on July 26, and fixes a recent bug that prevented some Apple Watch owners from unlocking their device with Touch ID. But some people on the Apple Developer forum say they're getting "No Service" messages from their carriers since installing the update, according to 9to5Mac.

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"Updated my software to 14.7.1 recently and lost my cellular data completely," one person writes on the Apple Developer forum. "I have tried all the troubleshooting steps and still cannot get it to work."

"Woke up to 'No Service' about 2 weeks ago and still," writes another user who owns an iPhone X. "Was starting to think it was just my phone. Tried everything. Still."

Another person said in the same thread that their iPhone 8 Plus also had the same problem. "Setting's screen 'Cellular' is blank."

Apple generally recommends steps like restarting your iPhone, resetting your network settings, or removing and reinserting your SIM card to fix this sort of issue, but the forum posters say those solutions aren't working.

...hopefully, iPhone owners experiencing the "No Service" issue won't have to wait too long for a solution.

Apple is busy with its big iOS 15 update. Some of its notable improvements are an offline mode for Siri, FaceTime calling for non-users over the web, sharable health data, and more. It's currently in beta and is expected to officially launch in September.

But, there are signs Apple is working on a 14.8 patch, as well, according to Forbes. It's likely to have security updates and bug fixes. There's no word yet on when it's coming out, but hopefully, iPhone owners experiencing the "No Service" issue won't have to wait too long for a solution.

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