Some Apple TV App Users Report No Audio in Movies

The bug affects smart TVs and streaming sticks like Roku and Chromecast

A number of Apple TV app users have experienced an audio bug that's been muting all sound from the films they've rented or purchased.

According to 9to5Mac, the bug has been popping up on all platforms that use the Apple TV app, whether it's tvOS, other smart TVs, or external streaming devices like Chromecast or Roku. There doesn't seem to be a clear pattern to the bug either, as it's not affecting all users or media with any consistency.

Apple TV


9to5Mac theorizes that this could be a digital rights management (DRM) error that's blocking audio as a copyright protection measure, despite the media being properly paid for.

Purchases also have become a problem for affected users, as many of them have stated that Apple Support has been unable to give them a "fresh" file with working audio.

Instead, the company has issued some refunds and considered the matter closed, which disappoints users who just want to watch a certain movie. But at least it's something. Some users aren't even getting that, because, in some cases, Apple apparently has refused to issue a refund, 9to5Mac reported.

Understandably, many Apple TV users are unhappy. As stated by Twitter user @TERRIfic_IsShe, "Trying to watch the purge on Apple TV and it’s literally no sound on the movie."

User @CharleeWaynne contacted Apple TV's Twitter account with a similar issue, stating, "There's no sound on my rented movie and now it won't play at all!"

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