Tips for Solving Common PowerPoint Problems

10 PowerPoint conundrums, solved

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PowerPoint problems crop up every now and then. Whether you are a beginner, or even if you have been using PowerPoint for a while, sometimes you are stumped by some little issue.

Here are ten of the most frequent questions I get asked when having problems in PowerPoint.

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Why Doesn’t the Music Play When I Email a Presentation?

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This is probably the question that gets asked most frequently. You have created a wonderful presentation and all the music and sounds work beautifully on your computer. You send it to your friend or colleague to review and they can't hear a thing. What happened?

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How Can I Add a Password to My Powerpoint Presentation?

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You share a computer with another co-worker. You work on a lot of presentations with confidential information. How can you keep prying eyes out of your work?

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What Is the First Thing I Should Do When Creating a Presentation?

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Once people get the hang of PowerPoint, they usually just dive right in and start creating slides. In most cases, they waste a lot of time because they have missed the most important part of any presentation. What is the key to a great presentation?

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How Can I Extract the Sound Files From a Powerpoint Slide Show?

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Here is another frequent scenario I get asked about with regard to music and sounds. You received an inspiring PowerPoint show in an email and you can't get the music out of your head. You would love to keep that song on your computer to use in your own presentation. The music is embedded in the show. How can you save it separately from the presentation

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Can I Use Both Portrait and Landscape Slides in the Same Presentation?

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Some of your slides just don't look right sitting on a landscape-oriented slide. You want to place a portrait-oriented slide in your presentation. Does PowerPoint allow you to do this?

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How Can I Replace All the Fonts at One Time?

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Your colleague made the presentation but you will be the one in the spotlight. You hate the font he chose for all of the slides in this presentation. You want to change this but don't have the time to go through each and every slide. There must be a way to make a global change to the fonts

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How Can We Quickly Change From One Presentation to Another?

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You are second up on the dais and would like this to be a smooth transition. Is there a way to make a seamless switch from one presentation to another?

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Why Do Fonts Change on a Different Computer?

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You want to practice your "spiel" in the actual room (always a good idea). You open your presentation on the computer you were given to use, and all your fonts are different now, throwing many items askew on the slide. What happened?

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Why Is My Presentation File Size So Huge?

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There are lots of pictures in my presentation, but not that many. Why is the file size growing by leaps and bounds

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