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a robotic hand holding a pen, poised to write in an open notebook.
GPT-4 Is Coming to Rescue the Blank Page, But Humans Still Write Better
Closeup on someone working at a laptop, answering email on their smartphone.
Your Email Box May Explode Thanks to Generative AI in Gmail
Carrot App on iPhone
Carrot's New Weather App Comes With a Snarky and Insulting AI Chatbot
Google Workspace
Google Preps New Generative AI Tools For Workspace Apps Like Gmail and Docs
Someone listening to music with headphones on and relaxing.
How the Classical Music App Could Teach Apple Music a Thing or Two
Google Magic Eraser in action, erasing children at the beach
How Google's Magic Eraser Could Erase Trust in Photos
Google Workspace Update
Google Apps Gets a New and Streamlined Look to Encourage Collaboration
Microsoft Outlook on Mac
Microsoft Outlook for Mac Is Now Free, No 365 Subscription Required
Person hiking on a snow covered mountain checking their smartwatch.
The Pedometer++ App Is Essential For Anyone Who Loves Walking—Here's Why
People's arms holding out green and blue message bubbles painted on a light blue brick wall.
How Apple's Blue Bubbles Draw You In and Keep You Loyal
Spotify DJ promo still
Spotify’s AI DJ Will Pick Your Music and Then Tell You Why
Closeup on the torso area of two people dressed in business attire, pointing to the screen of a smartphone one is holding.
Notifications Finally Make iPhone and iPad Web Apps Worth Using
Someone shopping for clothing beneath a neon sign for a vintage store.
Clothing Apps Could Make Fast Fashion a Thing of the Past
Immersive View in Google Maps
Google Maps Uses AI to Expand Live View and Add Other Helpful Features
Holographic map of an area with hills or mountains.
How Experts Say 3D Maps Are Better for Understanding Our Environment
Samsung Recent Websites
Samsung Now Lets You Share Recently Read Websites Across Devices
Samsung Wallet
Samsung's Digital Wallet Service Expands to Several New Countries
Apple Black History Month
Apple Teases a Wide Range of Content to Celebrate Black History Month
Someone using Maps on an iPhone.
Apple Maps Update Adds Fun New Ways to Interact With Local Businesses
Windows 8
Time to Upgrade—Microsoft Officially Ends Support for Windows 8.1
Karamo Brown Waze
Waze Adds Host Karamo Brown to Its Growing Roster of Celebrity Navigators
New Fitness+ collections for January, 2022
Next Fitness+ Update Welcomes Beyoncé, Adds More Workouts and Meditations
Closeup on someone holding an iPhone with the Weather app open.
The Dark Sky Weather App Is Gone, But You Still Have Plenty of Options
Metal USB flash storage Key on black Keyboard
iOS 16.3 Brings Support for Physical Security Keys, but They May Not Be Necessary
Apple's Freeform app on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
Apple’s Cool New Freeform Whiteboard App Already Has Stiff Competition
Yellow iPhone on a white terrazzo surface surrounded by greenery.
Why Apple Allowing Third-Party iPhone App Stores Is Such a Big Deal
A screen from the Little Snitch Mini app showing on a MacBook that someone is holding on their lap
Why Little Snitch Mini Is the Best Security Idea In Years
An artificial intelligence drawing a portrait of a man.
How New Tech Can Prevent Artists' Work From Being Copied By AI
The Nottingham Art Gallery.
Why It Matters That AI Photo Apps Are Infringing on Artists' Copyrights
Streaming video on a laptop
Microsoft Edge Adds New AI-Powered Video Upscaling for Better Playback
A person taking notes at a laptop computer with a smartphone in their hand and a chatbot graphic overlying the image.
Soon You Could Have a Personal Chatbot to Negotiate Bills in Your Favor
Bing in Windows 11
Latest Windows 11 Update Puts Bing AI on Your Taskbar
WhatsApp Group Calls
WhatsApp Now Makes It Easy to Call 31 of Your Closest Friends
Transferring contacts between a person holding a device and a virtual entity holding a virtual device.
Why You Should Stop Sharing Your Private Address Book Data to Social Apps
Blob Beats screenshot
Google Brings Back the Blobs for Beethoven’s 252nd Birthday Celebration
Magic Eraser
Google Pixel Phone's Best Feature Is Bound for Android and iOS
Microsoft Bing AI
Your New Copilot? AI-Enhanced Bing Now Available as a Mobile App
Selective focus of microphone used by people while recording podcast during interview and doing live broadcast in studio
Ferrite 3 iPad Audio Editor Shows What Pro iPad Apps Can Do
Someone talking to the digital assistant on their smartphone.
Samsung's Bixby Just Got Some New AI Tricks to Help It Understand You Better
Two staff members was looking down at the crowd in Taikoo Li shopping center in Chengdu, China through the window of the Apple Store
Apple’s Radical New App Store Pricing Still Won’t Attract Big-Name Developers
A Mac desktop and laptop computer running Windows in a virtual PC.
Microsoft Is Now Totally Happy About You Running Windows on Your Mac
Using MS Teams
Microsoft Teams Adds Community Feature to Help You Connect Away From Work
Samsung Message Guard
Samsung Message Guard Gives You More Protection From Unexpected Attacks
iPhone screen showing App Store icon
Apple Expands App Store Pricing With Hundreds of New Possibilities
One UI 5.1 Samsung Galaxy
Samsung One UI 5.1 Adds New Widgets, Comes Preinstalled on Galaxy S23 Series
Android Reading Mode
Share Digital Car Keys, Turn On Reading Mode, and More With New Android Updates
Someone holding a tablet displaying an augmented reality view of the city in front of them.
Google Maps Immersive View Could Turn Your Travels Into New Adventures
A child's wishlist
Send Your Kid's Holiday Wish List Directly to Santa With SantaGram
A MacBook laptop with lines of code on the screen sitting in front of an iMac computer.
Why It Matters That Google Is Developing a Browser Not Based on Webkit
A to-do list displayed on the screen of a smartphone.
WhatsApp's New Self-Messaging Reminder Might Help You Get More Done
Someone holding a phone in front of them speaking into it as if using language translation.
Google’s New AI Capabilities Will Extend to Its Translation App
The Flighty App shown on an iPhone lock screen with the widgets displayed on either side of the phone.
This Flight Tracking App Shows How Great iPhone 14 Pro’s Live Activities Can Be
Someone recording a podcast at a table in the dining room, with a laptop computer and microphone.
PodSearch Shows That AI Can Be Awesome, and Not Just Evil—Here's How
Scuba diver exploring underwater cave
Take Your Apple Watch Ultra to Greater Depths With This New App
Someone taking a picture of a city skyline with a Ferris wheel using an iPhone.
HDR Images on the iPhone Camera Are Not Very Good—Here's Why
Closeup on a hand holding a smartphone that displays Google Maps.
Google Maps' Stunning Live Search May Change the Way You See the World
Cyber Security Ransomware Phishing Encrypted Technology
Gmail’s New Encryption Can Make Email Safer—Here’s Why You Should Use It
A MacBook Pro laptop open on a desk displaying the new iCloud layout.
New iCloud Redesign Finally Makes This Service Great, Experts Say
A combination padlock keeping your e-mails safe from hackers, viruses and spies
Encrypted Email Would Be Fantastic if Anyone Knew How to Use It