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Substack Notes
Could Substack’s Notes Be a Great Twitter Alternative? Sure It Could
Meta Verified promo screens
You Can Now Pay Meta to Verify Your Facebook and Instagram Account
Closeup on someone using a smartphone with social media likes and hearts overlaying the image.
How Meta's New Project P92 Could Deliver the Killing Blow to Twitter
Robotic-looking hand touching smartphone screen
Koo's Microblogging Platform Uses ChatGPT to Create the Perfect Post
Someone standing against a pink background holding a smartphone to take a selfie with a filtered version shown on the screen.
Why TikTok's New Bold Glamour AI Filter Is Scary for Everyone
TikTok Parental Controls
TikTok Launches Robust New Parental Controls to Limit Screen Time for Kids
Messaging app icons displayed on the screen of a smartphone.
Why WhatsApp Private Newsletters Might Be Totally Genius
Group of friends on smartphones
Facebook’s New Penalty System Is Less Harsh but More Informative
Snapchat Sync
Snapchat Adds a Bunch of New Sounds to Its Creative Toolset
TikTok Trivia
TikTok Trivia Wants to Buy Your Love With $500K in Prizes
A smartphone laying on a wood surface with the Mastodon app displayed on the screen and notebook with the Twitter logo sitting nearby.
Why Mastodon Apps Should Stop Trying to Copy Twitter
TikTok Moderation
TikTok Has a New Plan to Swiftly Remove Repeat Offenders
Two smartphones laying perpendicular on a wood surface, one displaying the Mastodon logo and the other displaying the app.
Twitter May Soon Be Irrelevant, Thanks to a Mastodon Version of Tweetbot
Facebook Messenger Chats
Encrypted Messenger Chats Get Several Fun New Themes, Emojis, and More
Someone holding a smartphone showing inaccessible third-party Twitter app messages.
Why Twitter’s Third-Party App Ban Is Terrible for Users
Three young people recording a video blog together.
How a Supreme Court Ruling Could Change the Internet
Instagram Quiet Mode
Instagram Launches Quiet Mode to Give You Peace of Mind
Teenager with smartphone
Improved Ad Controls for Teens Coming Soon to Facebook and Instagram
Instagram Hacker Site
Instagram's New Platform Helps Accounts That Have Been Hacked
Instagram Notes, Add Yours nominations, and Collaborative Collections
Instagram Plans to Let You Share and Collaborate With Friends, Eventually
Portrait of a teenager of a different ethnicity being bullied by other teens via social media.
How Social Media Platforms Should Work to Stop Racist Content
WhatsApp Avatars
WhatsApp Has New Customizable, Playful Avatars for Your Chats and Texts
two people laughing on a couch while looking at a laptop
How Tumblr Could Save the Meme-Loving Internet All Over Again
Facebook Dating age confirmation
Meta (Finally) Verifies Everyone Is a Legal Adult on Facebook Dating
A group of people on a subway platform. Most of them using smartphones.
Twitter Is Too Important to Be Trusted to One Owner—Here's Why
NoFiltr educational materials illustration
Meta Adds Even More Teen Privacy and Safety Measures to Social Platforms
Someone looking at social media on their phone while sitting in front of a laptop with a cup of coffee.
Why Signal's Stories Might Be the Perfect Social Network
Instagram Outage
Instagram Accidentally Suspends Thousands of Accounts—Here's the Scoop
Surprised, looking at smartphone
Instagram Steps Up User Safety With Better Blocking Tools and Hidden Words
Child with 3D glasses and popcorn
TikTok Plans to Make Last Minute Movie Theater Trips Faster and Easier
judge's gavel resting on a wireless Mac keyboard
How a Supreme Court Ruling Could Radically Change the Internet
students having fun using mobile phones in college campus
How Screenshots Became the Default Way to Share and Save Everything
Facebook Feed
Facebook Gets New Controls to Boost the Content You Like
Meta Update
Meta Just Made It Easy to Switch Between Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts
Person looking and smartphone unhappily
TikTok's New Comment Dislikes Doesn't Seem Helpful to Creators—Here's Why
TikTok Now on TikTok
TikTok Now Pushes You to Share More of Your Personal Moments
A group of teams using their mobile phones on a college campus.
How Discord Is Trying to Make Teens Feel Better About Themselves
Person yelling at mobile phone Twitter
Will Editing Your Awful Tweets Cause More Problems Than It Solves?
Person holding an Apple iPhone X with Instagram profile on the screen
Instagram's Feed Tweaks Give You Back Some Control, but Experts Want More
"PODCAST" Sign In Neon Lights
Listen Up! Adding Podcasts to Twitter Sounds Cool, but That's About It
Sitting on sofa with smartphone
Instagram May Provide More Improved Content Controls in the Future
Twitter Circle
Now You Can Use Twitter to Share a Secret With 150 Close Friends
Welcome to Twitter on a mobile device
Twitter's New Verifying Phone Numbers Tactic May Not Live Up to Its Potential
Snapchat Dual Camera
Snapchat Bets Big on Dual-Camera Recording—What to Know
Meta Accounts
Meta to Allow Quest Users to Login Without a Facebook Account - What to Know
Cameo Live
Cameo Now Lets You Hop on a Facetime With Your Favorite Celeb
Snapchat+ Update
Snapchat Makes it Easier for Paying Users to Get Recognition from Celebs
Messenger end-to-end encryption in chats
Ironically, Facebook Messenger May Soon Be One of the Safest Messaging Platforms
Snapchat's family center on smartphone
How Snapchat Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Kids Without Invading Their Privacy
Facebook Messenger
Meta Aims to Improve Messenger Security With Automatic Encryption Tests
WhatsApp blocked screenshot message
WhatsApp Rolling Out New Update—What to Know
Twitter Blue displayed on a smartphone.
How Twitter Blue Could Be More Valuable
Closeup of someone holding a smartphone displaying the Instagram app.
What Instagram’s Attempts to Become TikTok Mean for You
Instagram Reels
Instagram Goes Full TikTok and Turns All Videos Into Reels
Couple looking at phone at the breakfast table
Facebook Gives Back the Chronological Timeline
View from above of someone using Instagram on their smartphone.
Now You Can Buy Your Favorite Things in Instagram Chat
Using Snapchat on a laptop
Snapchat Is Finally on the Web
Instagram Creators
Instagram Creators Can Now Entertain Subscribers in New Ways
TikTok to Give Users Advanced Control Over 'For You' Page