Social Media Buy Buttons: The Latest Mobile Commerce Trend

Social Media Buy Buttons
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The latest trend in mobile marketing and mobile commerce is the heightened use of social media buy buttons. This practice is fast gaining momentum among various vendors, across a plethora of mobile devices and platforms. Realizing the true potential of using these buttons, several established retailers are now jumping onto the bandwagon, seeking to reap the most benefit out of it.

The most popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have now started introducing buy buttons, thus offering convenient mobile purchasing options for customers. This is beneficial for merchants as well, who can reach a vast global audience, by means of advertising on these platforms. While the smaller retailers may prefer to concentrate on a couple of the most sought-after platforms, the bigger players would spread their services across all the major channels, thus potentially creating a massive customer base for themselves.

The Rise of mCommerce in Social Media

It is quite probable that most social media apps would offer seamless payment functionality – this would enhance their own advertising revenue, while also adding value to their Website. The current rapid growth rate of in-app purchases and payment is expected to take this trend further ahead. Very soon, customers would be able to purchase and pay for any product, via any mobile device, running on just about any operating system.

Here is how some of the most popular social networks plan to reap the benefits of buy buttons:

  • Facebook and Twitter recently included buy buttons within their sponsored posts. These buttons enable users to make purchases within the application itself, without having to go to an external app or Website. Pinterest has also announced that its buy button would be coming soon.
  • Google is now believed to be planning to add buy buttons to sponsored search results on smartphones and tablets. This would create a totally different experience for users, while also creating potential for retailers to convert their visitors to customers.
  • Snapchat is reportedly in the process of combining mobile commerce and mobile messaging, with its supposed investment in the shopping application, Spring. With this, the company plans on leveraging the benefits of conversational commerce.

Buy buttons essentially target impulsive buyers, who make instant purchases online. The more time they take to think before finalizing the purchase, the lesser they are likely to actually make that purchase. Retailers would do well to understand this aspect and offer seamless browsing, purchase and payment services to customers. Extending efficient services will help them reach a vast multitude of users; thereby creating a constant stream of customers; eventually, incrementally increasing sales.

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Advantages of Social Media Commerce

Social media commerce is in no way going to replace regular retail in the near future. However, it does offer retailers a massive opportunity to reach out to an enormous, hitherto unexplored, customer base, spread across the entire world. The more platforms they include in their list, the more retailers are likely to enhance their sales and profit margins. 

Social media commerce is an aspect of mCommerce, which has already gained acceptance in several countries across the world; especially so in markets such as China, where the concept of conversational commerce is at its peak. However, it is still quite new to the US and is just starting to make its mark in the American milieu. Hence, experimenting with social media platforms and reaching out to a yet-unexplored audience out there, is bound to be exciting for the American mCommerce industry.

The larger retailers are most likely to be the first ones to start off, by exploring different channels and finally settling down on the ones that give them the highest returns. In any case, it will be interesting to note the actual impact of social media buy buttons on the American market and other markets across the globe, over the next couple of years.