How to Watch Soccer Live Streams (2023)

Where to stream UEFA, FIFA, Premier League, MLS, and more

The live-streaming landscape for soccer is incredibly complex with streaming rights changing often. It's certainly possible, however, to stream a soccer match you want to watch.

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Most leagues will begin their 2023 season in late February or early March.

The broadcast rights for Major League Soccer, the Premier League, the English Football League, La Liga, Ligue 1, FIFA, and the dozens of other national and international soccer leagues and tournaments are spread across a huge variety of different broadcasters.

If you want to watch soccer live streams, and you want the best coverage available, here's who has the rights to broadcast what games, which broadcasters you need to have access to, and the best ways to get that access.

Where Is the Best Place to Stream Soccer?

Soccer, or association football, is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are major and minor leagues in the United States, but there are also leagues in a number of other countries and fiercely competitive international leagues, competitions, and tournaments.

Due to the massive worldwide popularity of soccer, the live-streaming picture for this sport is tremendously complex. Dozens of broadcasters own at least some soccer rights around the world. The broadcasters that own the most English-language soccer rights in the United States are:

  • Apple TV+: All MLS games (including post-season games) stream on Apple TV+. No games are blacked out.
  • ESPN: Contracts include the U.S. Open Cup, USL Championship, National Women's Soccer League, FIFA qualification rounds, Bundesliga, La Liga, Copa del Rey, Liga MX (some games), and more. Some games are broadcast on the internet-only ESPN+ streaming service.
  • beIN Sports: This network also has the rights to some important soccer broadcasting contracts, including Ligue 1, FIFA World Cup qualifications, Copa Libertadores, Africa Cup of Nations, and more.
  • FOX Sports: FOX has the rights to some very important games, including the FIFA World Cup finals and the FIFA Women's World Cup finals. Other rights include some Major League Soccer (limited), Liga MX (some games), and Serie B.
  • NBC Sports: NBCUniversal owns the broadcast rights for the English Premier League. English Premier League games are also shown on NBC's Peacock network and USA network.
  • CBS Sports/Paramount+: CBS Sports is the rights-holder for the UEFA Champions League and Europa League as well as the AFC Asian Cup. You'll see Europa League games on the Paramount+ network, while select league games are available on the CBS Sports Network. AFC Asian Cup events are exclusively on Paramount+.

ESPN is the clear winner in terms of the number of leagues and tournaments they own the rights to, while CBS Sports and its Paramount+ service are gaining ground.

FOX Sports also owns the rights to extremely popular and important games, particularly the entirety of the FIFA World Cup finals.

Live Streaming Soccer on ESPN and ESPN+

If you just want to watch some soccer live streams, and you don't need access to everything, ESPN gives you access to more games than many other broadcasters.

Cable subscribers can watch soccer live streams on the WatchESPN website without paying anything above and beyond their regular bill. Cord cutters can gain access to ESPN through a number of streaming services.

ESPN+ is a separate service. It's accessed through WatchESPN, but you don't automatically get access with your cable subscription.

Here's how to live stream soccer through WatchESPN:

  1. Navigate to WatchESPN.

  2. Locate a soccer game, and click the play button.

    A screenshot of WatchESPN.
  3. Click your television provider.

    A screenshot of the ESPN provider selection screen.
  4. Enter your cable or satellite provider email and password, and click Log In.

    A screenshot of a WatchESPN cable provider login.
  5. If your video doesn't start playing automatically, return to WatchESPN and click the play button again.

  6. If the game you want to watch is an ESPN+ game, it will say ESPN+ at the bottom of the card and E+ in the upper left. To watch one of these games, get started by clicking the play button.

    A screenshot of an ESPN+ soccer game.

    ESPN+ is a separate service from ESPN. You don't need cable to sign up for ESPN+, and having cable doesn't provide you with access to ESPN+.

  7. Click START MY 7 DAY FREE TRIAL, and follow the on-screen prompts.

    A screenshot of ESPN+.

    You will have to provide credit card information, but you won't be charged if you cancel your subscription within seven days.

  8. Return to WatchESPN, locate the ESPN+ soccer game you want to watch, and click the play button again.

Live Streaming Soccer on beIN Sports

beIN Sports has some important matches, but it lost a few major contracts, including Bundesliga and La Liga. As of publication the only way to watch games via beIN Sports is via their apps listed on the site.

Television Streaming Services That Include Soccer

If you don't have a cable or satellite subscription, you can live stream soccer through a television streaming service. These services act a lot like cable or satellite television, but you stream live channels over a high-speed internet connection. You can watch on your computer or laptop, phone, tablet, or even on your television with a streaming device like a Roku.

Since these services provide access to the same channels as cable providers, you need to look for one that carries a lot of networks that have the rights to broadcast soccer.

Here are the two best options for soccer live streams:

  • Sling TV: This streaming service includes beIN Sports if you choose the Orange or Orange & Blue plan. You'll also get ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU. Fox and NBC are only available in limited markets, but this is still one of the best options for soccer.
  • fuboTV: This streaming service includes beIN Sports and ESPN channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. It also includes NBC and Fox. It's a good choice for soccer, especially international association football.

The other streaming services don't include beIN Sports (with the exception of Yip TV), but most of them do have ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports, so you can still get decent coverage from them if you're primarily interested in the Premier League, and the FIFA World Cup Finals.

Who Owns National Soccer Broadcast Rights in the United States?

Major League Soccer is the national league in the United States, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Countries all around the world have their own national leagues, and a lot of them have signed deals with broadcasters in the United States.

If you want access to stream the most soccer from around the world, here's a guide to the most common national leagues and cups and where to watch them:

  Broadcaster Stream
Major League Soccer Limited games on Fox Apple TV+
U.S. Open Cup ESPN, ESPN+ WatchESPN, ESPN+
USL Championship ESPN, ESPN+, ESPN2 WatchESPN, ESPN+
National Women's Soccer League CBS, CBS Sports, Paramount+ Paramount+
College Cup ESPNU WatchESPN
Liga MX (Mexico) FS1, FS2, ESPN+ FOX Sports Online, ESPN+
Premier League (England) NBC Sports NBC Sports Peacock
English Football League (England) ESPN+ ESPN+
FA Cup (England) ESPN, ESPN+ ESPN+
La Liga (Spain) ESPN, ESPN+ ESPN+
Copa del Rey (Spain) ESPN, ESPN + WatchESPN, ESPN+
Serie A Paramount+ Paramount+
Bundesliga (Germany) ESPN, ESPN+ WatchESPN, ESPN+
Ligue 1 (France) beIN Sports fuboTV, Sling TV

Who Owns International Soccer Broadcast Rights?

International soccer broadcasting rights are also complicated. Even a single organization, like FIFA, can have its rights split out between several different broadcasters. There's a whole lot of soccer to watch throughout the year, but only if you have access to the right streams.

Here are some of the most popular and important international associations and tournaments, and where to watch them:

  Broadcaster Live Stream
FIFA World Cup Finals FOX, FS1 FOX Sports Online
FIFA World Cup Qualification ESPN, beIN Sports WatchESPN, ESPN+, FuboTV
UEFA CBS Sports, Paramount+ Paramount+ 
CONMEBOL FOX, FS1, FS2 FOX Sports Online
CONCACAF FOX, FS1, FS2 FOX Sports Online
AFC Paramount + Paramount+
Africa Cup of Nations beIN Sports fuboTV, Sling TV
CAF beIN Sports fuboTV, Sling TV
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