Editing Tools in the Snapseed App

Hands photographing spectacular view by smartphone
d3sign / Getty Images

Snapseed (iOS and Android) is one of the most powerful editors on any smartphone and is the best for Android shooters as it provides RAW editing. Snapseed offers many awesome features such as selective adjustments, perspective correction, removal of unwanted objects and many more features. 

Snapseed is free and is a must-have for all mobile photographers. It’s so powerful that a professional can use and at the same time a great app for starters and novices to use for their photographic needs. Even pro photographers can use this app on the job (on their larger screened connected devices) to show clients what they are envisioning for the final product.

Here, we explore a few of the app's featured mobile editing tools that are simple to use: Transform Tool, Selective Adjustments, and Spot Repair.

Transform Tool

This tool is used to assist in attaining the desired perspective in your final image. This works best when you are shooting symmetrical images such as architecture or linear patterns. If you have not learned about perspective distortion, it is important that you understand what it means. For example, when you shoot a building, many times it will have distortion. If you're looking up, the building narrows at the top. If you are shooting it straight on, it will look a bit skewed.

Enter the Transform tool, which allows you three adjustments. You can adjust using the vertical axis, horizontal axis, and rotation.

Selective Tool

The Selective Tool is a great feature of Snapseed. It does exactly what it states: You can select different parts of your image and adjust the brightness (B), contrast (C), and color saturation (S). For example, if you have an image featuring a bright blue sky and you want to adjust only the sky, you can do so without affecting any other pixels in the image.

Selective Tool is great for achieving a great final look with silhouettes, landscapes, macro photography and more. You can zoom in and out of your area to achieving your edits accurately and skillfully.

Spot Repair Tool

Spot Repair Tool is for removing unwanted objects and distractions from your photo, or even for portraits where there may be minor blemishes that need touching up. Using the Spot Repair tool is pretty simple: Tap the unwanted object, and when you release a circle will appear. The pixels will then be replaced by pixels from around the area of an area of your choice in the image. For more detail work, you can zoom in and pixel edit in the same fashion.