Snapmaker's New 3D Printer Is Super Fast and Also Makes Complex Structures

This IDEX system is also (relatively) budget-friendly

Chinese printer manufacturer Snapmaker unveiled its latest model, the IDEX 3D Printer J1. 

This consumer-grade printer swipes some innovations from the commercial and industrial sectors, as the J1 features an independent extruder (IDEX) system that allows for two individual extruders to move separately. This bumps the specs in several ways, but printing speed is the primary benchmark. 

Snapmaker J1


The J1 boasts a printing speed of 350mm/s. As a counterpoint, most desktop consumer-grade 3D printers range from 40 to 150mm/s, so, yeah, it's fast. The speed is helped along by a proprietary algorithm that reduces vibrations caused by high-speed movement, resulting in higher print quality even when taking advantage of the speed boost. 

The dual-extruder system also lets this printer create some complex designs. The company notes that the J1 excels with "hollow structures, complex parts with overhangs, and accurate parts with great details." 

Even the body helps ensure quality print jobs, as the upper frame and base are manufactured using a one-piece die-casting system for increased rigidity. Additionally, aluminum alloy bars run throughout the exterior for even more stability. Snapmaker suggests this helps the J1 excel with delicate models that demand precision detail work. 

Preorders are available now, with a launch date of mid-December for US residents. And, given the pro-grade feature set with this printer, the cost is budget-friendly, at $1,100. 

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