5 Snapchat Tips for Dummies (Like Me)

I am not a Snapper or Snapchatter or whatever the kids call it these days. Like the title says, I am a big dummy when it comes to Snapchat. The popular messaging app has built up quite the following, to the point where it is rivaling Instagram as one of the most popular mobile apps in any and all mobile device ecosystems.

It's because it's massively popular not just among kids, but among your most serious mobile photographers.

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot a red carpet event. I had the privilege of shooting with some amazing photographers - both mobile and big camera. During our breaks, you would think that we would talk about Instagram and mobile photography and stuff like that. We maybe mentioned Instagram once or twice over the course of 6 hours. It seemed that everyone was into the art of Snapchatting. 

Snapchat as explained by them to me;

"Snapchat is awesome because it gives an inside look - a behind the scenes of you really are.  Instagram is more of a portfolio for me."

"I use Snapchat as a VLOG (Video Blog). I Snapchat everything that I find interesting and share it with people with no worries of judgement. Plus its super fun and super addicting."

"It's the new way of engaging with folks and on a totally different level. There is no pretentiousness because I am showing people what I do and what i say. It could be funny. It could be sad. It could make people happy. More importantly it is what I am doing and gives people following me the inside look at who I am at a different level."

It does still incorporate the ideas of mobile photography - much like how Instagram was in the beginning. It is fun and you get to engage and build a following and build community. You will use pictures and videos to communicate who you are, what you see, and what you love and hate.

It was really interesting to be honest. It is almost cult-ish, again like how Instagram was in the beginning. Case in point, Instagram was a happy place. A place to be with like minded folks. Ask now and you will get mixed reviews from mobile photographers. Snapchat is the same way. It is blowing up.

So what I gathered from my friends for me to get started are the tips and tricks that they use that would be helpful for me, as a newbie, to learn the next big thing: Snapchat.

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Unlimited Space For Text

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Snapchat has a minimum word limit per snap. Users have found a way to go around that minimum to communicate with followers with no limit. Go to Notes, open a new page, tap Enter to create some blank lines. Select then copy all that empty space and paste it in the text box in the Snapchat app.  This gives you unlimited space to type.

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Grow Those Emojis

Do you want your emoji's to big in your snaps? Like really, really big? Choose the emoji you want to grow and hit the "T" symbol in the upper right corner.  With two fingers you can pinch and zoom the emoji to make it big or small. 

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Tap, Don't Hold

I guess before you had to hold down on a story or snap to view it.  Now you just have to tap the snap with your finger. The skip a story and move on function is still there and if you wanted to exit, you only have to swipe down like normal.

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Faceswap, Faceswap, Faceswap

So, this is the new thing.  Snapchat enables you to swap faces not only in app but will let you choose from your camera roll. This is a feature that you will see all over social media. 

At the Red Carpet event, my friend face swapped her face with Julia Roberts. This kept us entertained for quite a while.

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Boring Stories? Just Skip It.

Not every snap or story is going to be awesome and amazing.  Matter of face, the reason why I have not joined the Snapchat movement is; I believe that my snaps would be pretty boring.

Well if 240 seconds of snap stories is too much for you to handle, just tap your screen to jump to the next persons story