Snapchat Introduces New Tool to Help Users Run for Office

The tool guides young adults entering into politics

Snapchat is rolling out a new "Run For Office" in-app feature designed to help its young users run for political office.

Supported by political resource site Ballot Ready, the new tool aims to help users explore all the different political opportunities in their local area, according to a company blog post. Users can see which positions are available to them, from a member on the local neighborhood board to a state representative.

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Run For Office can be accessed by swiping down on the camera to bring up Snapchat’s in-app games, also known as Minis. The tool has a portal that curates over 75,000 upcoming elections at both the federal and state level that people may take part in.

Users can identify which issues they are the most passionate about, then view related positions in the Run For Office app. It also provides access to various recruitment organizations and training programs to help fledgling politicians take that first step.

These groups include Emerge America, New Politics, Run GenZ, LGBTQ Victory Institute, and the Women’s Public Leadership Network, to name a few.

The new feature also allows the ability to nominate other people to Run for Office. According to Snapchat, the feature was inspired by users who claim their friends are more influential in their voting decisions than online influencers or celebrities.

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Snapchat stated it wants to make it easier for its users to engage in the democratic process.

Run For Office is currently exclusive to users in the United States. There was no mention of the feature being available to users in other countries.

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