Snapchat Makes it Easier for Paying Users to Get Recognition from Celebs

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Social media is something of a one-way street when it comes to interacting with celebrities, as regular people often comment on their posts, but rarely the other way around. 

Snapchat is trying to fix that issue, sort of, by making it easier for certain users to catch the attention of famous people while using the platform. It is part of an update to Snapchat+, which is the site’s paid subscription platform. 

Snapchat+ Update

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They call it “Priority Story Replies,” and it functions exactly how it sounds. Paying Snapchat+ members get bumped up the queue when replying to celebrities and influencers, thus increasing the chances that the big-name VIP will notice you and give you a quick response or, even better, an actual follow. 

This is not the only new feature to sweeten the pot for Snapchat+ subscribers. The service also now offers something called “post-view emojis,” which lets you pick a specific emoji for friends to see after they have viewed your post. 

There are also now a slew of new backgrounds for Bitmojis, further enhancing customization options for power users. Finally, the service lets you customize the Snapchat app icon, with options ranging from black and white to rainbow. 

Snapchat+ Bitmoji backgrounds


Snapchat+ launched just a month ago and has already accrued over a million paying subscribers, likely due to the relatively low $4 monthly price tag and near-global availability, though this is a small percentage of the app’s 350 million regular users.

The company also says they are prepping more updates for Snapchat+ to launch in the “coming months.” 

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