Snapchat Introduces Birthdays Mini to Track Your Friends' Birthdays

Never forget someone's birthday

Snapchat wants you to remember your friends’ birthdays more with new features added to the app.

The mobile app announced a bunch of birthday additions dubbed the Birthdays Mini, enabling you to enjoy personal greetings and birthday messages from your friends.

Birthdays Mini


"See a list of upcoming and recent birthdays, as well as birthdays organized by Zodiac Sign. Wish your friends a happy birthday with unique stickers and fun Lenses to commemorate their big day! You can even countdown your own birthday, right down to the second!" Snapchat said in a blog post about the features. 

The Birthdays Mini also will allow you to keep tabs on your friends' upcoming birthdays by seeing all of them in one place. However, you’ll have to opt-in to the Birthdays Mini feature for friends to send you birthday messages, since Snapchat doesn’t display anyone’s birth year or age.

Previously, the primary way to see your friends’ birthdays has been through a subtle emoji on the Friends feed on the day of.

Snap introduced Snap Minis last June as a way to create social experiences on Snapchat. Some of the available Snap Minis include HBO Max, Poshmark, Headspace, Movie Tickets by Atom, Register to Vote by DeomocracyWorks, and more. 

Snapchat isn’t the only one prioritizing birthdays. In August, Facebook brought birthday-centric features to Messenger. These included birthday cash gifting using Facebook Pay, birthday expression tools like augmented reality effects and 360 backgrounds, and a birthday song Soundmoji.

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