Snapchat Blocked Third-party Apps, so Now What?

Here's Why Snapchat Just Blocked All Your Favorite Apps

Snapchat Blocked Apps
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Third-party apps are popular to us with all sorts of major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and others. Snapchat, on the other hand, has never been a fan of the apps created by third-party developers.

A third-party app is an app that isn't the official Snapchat app. For example, popular third-party apps that Snapchat users regularly used included ones that could upload preexisting photos, take secret screenshots or add music to videos.

In early April of 2015, a Backchannel interview with Snapchat tech executives was published, revealing that the company had been working for months on its efforts to completely shut out all third-party apps from being able to access its platform. According to its support section of its website, using third-party apps with Snapchat is a violation of its Terms of Use.

Why Block All Third-party Apps?

Snapchat's main issue with third-party apps is security. In the fall of 2014, the messaging platform fell victim to a security attack through one of the third-party apps that was built to save Snapchat photos and videos.

The third-party app was hacked, leaking almost 100,000 private Snapchat photos that had been saved through the app. Even though Snapchat itself wasn't hacked, the leak was a big embarrassment for the popular messaging platform and signaled a need to step it up with security.

Snapchat believes that it has done enough to completely block out all third-party apps now in its latest version of the app.

If you've used a third-party app with Snapchat in the past, the company recommends that you change your password and upgrade to the latest version in order to ensure your safety and privacy.

Can You Still Take Screenshots with Snapchat?

Since all third-party apps are now blocked, you probably won't be able to use any Snapchat screenshot app for much longer.

You can still, however, take a regular screenshot (by pressing your power button/volume button and home button simultaneously) through the official Snapchat app -- but keep in mind that a notification will be sent to the user every time you take a screenshot of something they sent to you.

Can You Still Upload Previously Taken Photos or Videos to Snapchat?

I wrote a tutorial a while ago about a popular third-party app that allowed users to select photos or videos from a folder on their devices to upload through Snapchat. Since Snapchat only lets you take a photo or record a video through its app, these types of third-party uploader apps were pretty useful.

Unfortunately, a third-party app ban means no options for uploading. Unless Snapchat launches a feature of its own that lets you choose preexisting photos or videos to share, you won't have any way to upload anything.

Can You Still Add Music to Snapchat Videos?

Any app that claimed it could add music to a video and then let you share it through Snapchat will also be shut out from working with Snapchat. Luckily, Snapchat recently updated its app to include a new feature that lets you record music from your device as you film your video in Snapchat.

To find out how to put music in your Snapchat videos, check out this step-by-step tutorial.

If you were a big fan of using third-party apps in your Snapchat messaging, learning to live without them may seem slightly inconvenient for a while. But if you take your privacy very seriously, you should appreciate the fact that Snapchat has taken such measures to completely block out any app that could compromise the privacy of its users.

And besides, there's still a whole lot that you can do with Snapchat -- if you know how to use it. Check out these Snapchat tips you may not already know about to make your messaging experience more fun.