Snapchat Adds a Bunch of New Sounds to Its Creative Toolset

Also, make video montages that sync to songs

Snapchat is rolling out a suite of new sound-adjacent tools to make the social media platform even more addictive. 

On Thursday, the company announced a feature called Sounds Recommendations. This lets users choose from a diverse array of newly-added sounds and audio effects to accompany a Lens. Snapchat Lenses are, basically, goofy animations you overlay on top of a selfie, so adding an even goofier sound effect could make for some unique content. 

Song Sync


When applying a Lens to a photo video, an icon now appears to access the various sounds and effects. This feature is available today throughout the world on both iOS and Android platforms. 

That's not the only sound-adjacent feature the company has been working on. Now there's the Sounds Sync tool that lets users create montage videos that automatically match the rhythm of the background track. 

You can choose from a diverse range of audio tracks in the Sounds library and create montages from up to 20 photos or videos in your camera roll. The track can even link back to the original artist to send some love. 

"Snapchat has also created a unique opportunity for artists to reach a valuable and engaged audience while then also leading fans to listen to the full song on streaming services," Manny Adler, Head of Music Strategy at Snap, said in the press release.

Sounds Sync is available today for iOS users, but Android users will have to wait until March to make montage vids. 

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