SnagFilms Review

A Free Movie & TV Show Streaming Service

SnagFilms is a free movie website with thousands of films and even some free TV shows. There aren't a lot of advertisements and there are plenty of high-quality movies to stream.

Keep reading for my review of this service—what type of movies you can expect from SnagFilms, the quality of its films, and more.

SnagFilms' Movies Are Organized Nicely

SnagFilms movie listing

SnagFilms has a list of movies they recommend you watch, but there's also a section of the site for new and popular movies so you can stay up to date with what others are watching.

SnagFilms has movies in lots of different genres. Award-Winning, Crime, Documentary, Latino, African Movies, Animation, Biography, Health and Food, Comedy, Sports, Faith and Spirituality, Drama, Kids & Family, Politics, Romance, Thrillers, and several others are available.

SnagFilms also keeps some movies in collections so that you can find movies that are similar to each other even if they're not in the same genre. Some that I've seen include Before They Were Stars, Athletes & Their Triumphs, History Lessons, and Youth & Education.

After you begin watching movies, SnagFilms will start recommending films to you based on your viewing experience.

The TV shows that are available through SnagFilms aren't organized through genres like the movie selection but are instead located in collections. This still provides an easy way to find TV shows, though.

High-Quality Movies Are Available

SnagFilms is one of the very few free movie streaming websites that offers high-quality movies, which is really great considering most films in other similar websites are of DVD quality.

Many of the movies here can be watched in 720p or 1080p.

SnagFilms' Player Options

SnagFilms video options

The video player SnagFilms uses lets you do basic things like modify the volume, move forward or backward through the video, enter full-screen mode, and change the quality of the video. Unfortunately, you can not read subtitles along with a movie like you can with websites like Crackle.

Right below each movie is some additional options so you can share the link to the video over email, Facebook, or Twitter. There's also an option to embed the video on your own website and see other recommended videos based on what you're watching.

If you sign on to SnagFilms after creating a free account, you can also add movies to a queue while you're browsing through them so that you can watch them later in one location.

SnagFilms' Movies Show Very Little Advertising

SnagFilms does have to advertise, like most other websites that offer free movies, but there really aren't that many.

Unlike similar websites, SnagFilms doesn't indicate where the ads are placed within a video, but there seemed to be two to three in most of the movies I've watched, which is rather slim compared to other movie streaming websites.

My Video Buffering Experience With SnagFilms

I tested several movies at SnagFilms under different video resolutions to determine the best way to watch a movie without running into buffering problems.

It turns out that if I'm watching a movie on SnagFilms that is 720p or 1080p and attempt to fast forward, the movie will immediately pause and say that an error has occurred. The only way out of this is to refresh the page and start the movie back over from the beginning, which can quickly become irritating.

This problem may not be due to SnagFilms' website and more to do with the ability of my own Internet or computer to playback high quality streaming videos.

However, if watching a movie on a smaller resolution, such as 480p, I'm able to fast forward without any issues at all.

SnagFilms' App Is Simple to Use

You can sign on to SnagFilms' free movie app through Google or Facebook, or by creating a free account with your email. Signing on lets you view recommended films and access your queue, though there's an option to skip logging on if you don't need to.

The Categories section of the app holds all the same genres as the website so you can quickly browse through movies you're in the mood for. Similarly, the homepage of SnagFilms' app has all the same sections and collection as the desktop version, which makes moving to mobile super easy.

The app doesn't have the same video player options as the SnagFilms website, though, which means you can't alter the quality of the movie. However, while testing a few movies, it seemed as if the higher quality version of the films were being streamed to my phone because they looked very clear.

This means it's likely that SnagFilms provides a particular streaming quality based on your network speed, which I find acceptable.

Final Thoughts

Both SnagFilms' website and mobile app are easy to use and let you stream high-quality films, which is extraordinary for a free website.

It's unfortunate I had problems with video buffering, but as I said, a lower quality should immediately remedy it.

With all this being said, I still think SnagFilms is a great source for free movies, and it's a plus that it includes some free TV shows along with it.