SMS Gateway: From Email to SMS Text Message

List of SMS Gateways for Wireless Carriers

Reading an SMS on the go
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All of the major wireless carriers offer an SMS Gateway which allows text messages to be sent in and out of their wireless network. One of the typical uses of the SMS gateway is the forwarding of email to a mobile device and vice versa. Keep in mind that an email message going through an SMS gateway is limited to 160 characters so it will most likely be broken up into multiple messages or truncated.

A text message originating from a mobile device and going through an SMS gateway to an email address should be fine in terms of the number of characters.

Most of the major wireless mobile providers offer an SMS gateway. Typically, the wireless providers use a mobile number plus an email domain to route email messages through their SMS gateway. For example, if you are sending an email to a Verizon Wireless mobile device, you would send it to the mobile number + "". If the mobile phone number was 123-456-7890, you would send the email to "". From a mobile device, you can generally just use an email address which will send the message through the SMS gateway and to the intended email address.

SMS Gateways for Major Wireless Carriers

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