Review: SMS Star Wars Headphones

SMS Audio Star Wars 2nd Edition R2-D2
SMS Audio

The SMS Audio Street by 50 Star Wars Second Edition headphones is SMS Audio’s second rodeo with Star Wars-branded headphones following the First Edition in 2014, which included the Storm Trooper version, plus variants representing the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, and bounty hunter Boba Fett.

This time around, SMS Audio brings four new fan favorites in the form of everyone’s favorite droid R2-D2 (sorry, C-3PO), everyone’s favorite Sith Lord Darth Vader, everyone’s favorite Wookiee Chewbacca, and everyone’s favorite Imperial starfighter, the TIE Fighter. 

Design of the 50 Star Wars Second Edition Headphones

Like most of the First Edition headphones, a lot of the design cues for the Second Edition are subtle in terms of which characters they represent and likely will only be picked up by the most sharp-eyed Star Wars fans. Darth Vader’s, for example, uses his chest plate instead of the more obvious helmet design that the Storm Trooper version employed. Overall, Chewie’s is probably the most cryptic one for more casual fans, although the headphones’ super chocolatey color scheme certainly stands out a lot.

The R2-D2 headphones, meanwhile, are the most obvious of the bunch, thanks to the recreation of the popular droid’s face on the side. The speckled silver accents, as well as the extra R2-D2 patterns on the outer band, are also a nice touch. Naturally, the Second Edition throws in some extra branded goodies, such as stickers, holograms and a 5-inch by 7-inch mini poster of the character the headphones represent.

You also get a nice hard case, cleaning cloth and a detachable headphone cable with one-button control and a built-in mic. The wired remote lets you skip tracks on iOS and Android devices plus answer and hang up phone calls, which sounded clear during testing. The packaging, by the way, is quite nice.

Like the First Edition, the Second Edition uses the lighter on-ear variant of SMS Audio’s headphone line. The frame itself is largely plastic, though the R2-D2 variant employs a rougher matte plastic than the smooth, almost rubbery one used by the First Edition’s Storm Trooper headphones and the larger SMS Street by 50 ANC.

On the plus side, it’s not as big a dust magnet as, say, the Darth Vader version, which obviously has to be glossy. The frames also use a metal band to extend, contract and fold for easier storage plus eight screws on the inner area to keep things together. For added comfort, the ear cups and inner top band of the headphones feature leather memory foam. Overall, the build quality of SMS Audio’s over-the-ear headphones is high. They can be a tad clicky when you hold and shake them but have no such issues once worn due to the snug fit.

The SMS Audio Street by 50 Star Wars Second Edition Headphones' Sound 

What about the most important thing, the sound? The audio quality is actually good, which means you’re getting a solid headphone on top of the eye-catching Star Wars design. The headphones pump out dynamic sound with some depth even when using the stock iPhone or YouTube player, which can sound tinny on lesser headphones.

Use an excellent player with built-in equalizer like the Sansa Clip+ and you get even better sound, with a warm audio profile and plenty of punch. Just note that the headphones lean toward a more bass-heavy footprint like the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 so keep that in mind if you prefer your audio to have less low-end boom. The Star Wars branding also adds a cost premium compared to the regular SMS Audio on-ear headphones.

Overall, the SMS Audio Star Wars Second Edition headphones are a nice addition to the company’s selection of offerings. If you’re a Star Wars fan, want a light pair of on-ear headphones that are easy to carry around, have punchy bass and don’t mind the price tag, these headphones just might be the droids you’ve been looking for.

Final rating: 4 stars out of 5