Smart Scarf Measures Fans’ Reactions During Soccer Matches

Its packed to the gills with sensors

Imagine watching your favorite sports team play, feeling the frustration of defeat and the sweet exultation of victory. What if there was a wearable device that could quantify that emotional data?

Well, Cisco has created just that, acting in partnership with UK soccer great Manchester City. The pair has developed a smart scarf that measures physiological data and translates these measurements into an assessment of fans’ emotions as they watch Man City face off against competitors. 

Cisco Man City Smart Scarf


The scarf features a proprietary EmotiBit sensor that rests on the neck when worn. This sensor includes several integrated smaller sensors, including a PPG sensor for heart rate, accelerometer, temperature sensor, and electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor. They work in tandem to measure a plethora of changes as Man City fans watch the latest match. 

The EDA sensor, in particular, measures small changes in skin sweat, translating to an accurate reading of your stress and emotional state. The soccer organization hopes to use these scarves to gain quantified data on the movement, heart rate, and emotional states of its fans. 

Cisco The Connected Scarf


The Connected Scarf is in a limited beta for now and is being handed out for free to select fans in Manchester and New York City, where Man City’s sister team, New York City FC, plays. 

The club notes that these scarves will be available worldwide starting next season but has not released any pricing information, nor have they said how they plan to use the data or announced any moves to protect the privacy of wearers.

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