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A pair of AirPods Pro laying on top of an iPhone next to a MacBook.
Apple's Audio Offering Is Just Stunning—and You May Not Even Have Noticed
An overhead view of the Fujifilm X100V camera.
Why Fujifilm Will Have a Hard Time Improving the Almost-Perfect X100V
Closeup on someone signing documents with a robot hand pointing where to sign and law books and a gavel in the image.
Your Next Lawyer Could be Powered by AI—Here's Why That's a Good Thing
Bowers & Wilkins In-Ear Headphones
Bowers & Wilkins' New Earbuds Add Way More Than Just Good Looks
Autonomous vehicles on a tree lined road with a line of colorful lights indicating a data stream running through the middle of the road.
Why Autonomous Cars Could be Bad for the Environment—or Maybe Not
Someone holding an iPhone near an Apple HomePod.
Why the New Apple HomePod Could Succeed When the First One Flopped
Apple HomePod
It's Back, Baby! Apple Finally Announces Refresh of HomePod Smart Speaker
A robot speaking into a microphone.
Why Experts Say AI That Clones Your Voice Could Create Privacy Problems
Wyze Cam OG
Wyze Updates Its Budget Security Camera Line With New Features Like a Spotlight
Someone laying on a wooden deck reading a book.
AI Narrated Books May Be More Accessible, but Not for Everyone, Experts Say
Closeup on a virtual reality headset.
Maybe Even an Apple Headset Can’t Rescue AR From Its Mundane Future—Here's Why
A parent playing with a child in a stroller on an empty street.
Self-Driving Stroller Raises Safety Concerns Among Experts—Here's Why
Galaxy Buds2 Pro
Get Ready for 360-Degree Audio Recording on Your Galaxy Buds2 Pro
A family using VR headset in their living room.
Apple Can Rescue Virtual Reality, Experts Say—Here's Why it Matters
A driver's view inside a card looking at a digital dashboard display on the windshield.
How Augmented Reality Could Change the Way You Drive
Someone sitting outdoors listening to audiobooks using over-the-ear headphones.
Apple's New AI Audiobooks Are Great for Accessibility, Bad for Voice Actors
Collage of consumer tech devices, including HomePod, JBL smart speaker, Amazon Echo, Fitbit Charge 5, and Chromebook
These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things, Gadgets, and Devices
TCL CSOT 1700 PPI Real-RGB LCD VR Display Module at CES 2023
TCL Offers Higher Resolution VR Headset That Rids You of ‘Screen Door’ Issues
These Glasses Display Captions for Folks With Hearing Impairments
Ring Car Cam
Ring's New Car Cam Keeps a Comprehensive Eye on Vehicles
person in white shirt holding smart glasses with digital information on virtual screen high tech interface
How New Tech Could Lead to Smaller, Lighter AR Glasses
Samsung SmartThings Station
Samsung's New Smart Home Hub Doubles as a Nifty Wireless Charging Pad
woman working from home using her laptop and smartphone
Smarter Virtual Assistants Could Help You Get Things Done Faster
Apple HomePod mini.
Why the HomePod mini Is the Best Way to Get Into Trustworthy Home Automation
Opal synthesizer software adjusting various audio parameters
Opal Is an Incredible Ableton-Hosted Groovebox That Makes FM Synthesis Fabulous
A black and silver Pentax K1000 SLR camera against a wood and red fabric background.
Why Pentax Is Perfectly Suited to Bring Back the Era of the Film Camera
The Native Union hammerhead charger for Apple devices.
New EU Charging Standard Shows How Regulation Could Improve Tech
Close up on someone writing in a notebook while a robotic hand types on a laptop in the background.
Some Human Authors Worry AI Will Take Their Jobs—Here's Why
OTO's Bébé Chérie Analog Mixer.
This Hot Pink Analog Mixer Has Way More Going for It Than Just Color
Someone teaching a senior adult how to use a smart speaker and companion app on their smartphone.
How the New Matter Standard Could End Your Smart Home Headaches
Young woman using virtual reality simulator gesturing in front of sunset sky
Why a Meta Lawsuit Signals the Battle for the Future of the Metaverse
man wearing futuristic-looking glasses
How New Technologies Could Prevent Your Glasses From Fogging Up
Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen
Google Update Adds Matter Smart Home Control to Several Nest Devices
Scientists working in a fusion reactor.
What the Recent Breakthrough in Fusion Power Could Mean for You
Urbanista Phoenix earbuds
These New True Wireless Headphones Get Their Power From the Sun
Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones concept
Dyson’s $900 Air-Purifying Headphones May Be Aimed at the Wrong People
Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Launches Gestures on Echo Show So You Won't Bother Alexa
Cap_able's facial recognition-fooling clothing line.
How New High-Tech Clothes Can Keep You Warm and Protect Your Privacy
Tronsmart Bang SE
This Wireless Speaker Includes a Robust Battery That Can Charge Your Phone
DJI Mini 3 portable drone
DJI Claims New Mini 3 Drone Offers Portability and Power
AI-Generated Art Could Be the Next Big Home Decor Trend
The Engo 2, lightweight smart glasses for athletes.
How Smart Glasses Could Make You a Better Athlete
Someone sleeping in a bed wearing a smart watch with a smartphone on the mattress beside them.
Why You Might Want to Reconsider Letting Amazon's Halo Rise Track Your Sleep - Updated
A person working in a lab setting with a tablet and an artificial intelligence data graphic overlaying the scene.
How AI Could Fake Papers and Wreck the Scientific Process
HP Sprocket Plus
Print 4X6 Photos Right From Your Phone With This Portable Printer
A child talking with Santa via video call on a laptop.
Portable North Pole Now Offers Gift Tags With a Personal Video From Santa
Create With Alexa
Echo Show Now Lets Kids of All Ages Make Whimsical Voice-Led Cartoons
Create with Alexa on an Echo device
Amazon’s New AI Art Tool Can Help Kids Make Art, or Stifle Creativity
Critter & Guitari’s 201 Musical Synthesizer
Critter & Guitari’s 201 Musical Synthesizer: Why Musical Play Is So Important
a woman in a wheelchair working in an office and checking her phone
How New AI Technology Helps People With Disabilities but Introduces Discrimination
Two people talking on a subway train.
Why Talking to Strangers Online Might Make You Happier and Less Lonely
Someone looking at a laptop that displays a downward trending graph on the screen.
How a Coming Tech Downturn Could Affect New Products
Someone wearing smart glasses and using augmented reality with the real world.
Get Ready for AR Glasses That You Might Actually Want to Wear
Man wearing a VR headset interacting with the objects in the metaverse
Nations Are Turning to the Metaverse to Save Culture From Climate Change
A concept of artificial intelligence showing a brain made of light paths melding with a network of lights.
Brain Research Could Help Scientists Create New Kinds of AI—Here's How
Top down view of someone's hands on a laptop keyboard with a smartphone sitting next to the laptop.
AI's Learning Writing Skills, But That Might Not Be a Good Thing
Someone using a tablet and VR to take care of farm animals.
Why Mice and Chickens Could Get VR Gear to Make Them Happy
Minimoog Model D Synth
It’s Back! Moog Resurrects Its Popular Minimoog Model D Synth After 50 Years
Someone using virtual reality glasses at night in a well lit location.
Why Virtual Reality Could Be Better With a Mobile Data Connection