Google Launches a Pair of New Nest Products That Work With Matter

They also redesigned the Home app

Google unveiled a suite of new smart home products in its Nest line, including a doorbell and a new router. 

These new Nest products have been designed from the ground up to integrate with Matter, the forthcoming smart home communications standard that should (in theory) finally bring all of the competing protocols under one unifying umbrella. In other words, setting up a smart home is about to get easier.

Google Nest Doorbell


The second-generation update to the Hello doorbell is wired, so it does not need frequent recharges, though your home requires pre-existing doorbell wiring. 

As expected, the new Nest Doorbell records video and features a 1.3-megapixel color sensor, HDR imaging, a 3:4 aspect ratio for head-to-toe views, and a 145-degree field of view. This camera also features a slimmer profile than its predecessor and is available in four colors. It launches today and costs $180. 

The Nest WiFi Pro mesh router system, the company’s entry into the tri-band WiFi 6E arms race, can act as a Matter hub when the protocol launches and can connect 100 devices per node, for a maximum of 300 connected devices.

Google says this system will automatically prioritize high-bandwidth traffic for increased efficiency. A Nest three-pack costs $400 and preorders start today with a launch date of October 27. 

Google also overhauled its Home app with an emphasis on Matter support among other improvements. You’ll be able to access any connected camera from the app or from the web. There will also be a new script editor to help you create new automations for your connected devices. The update begins rolling out as a Public Preview in the next few weeks.

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