You can build your smart home piece by piece or pull it together in one fell swoop. We'll help you decide what works for you and how to keep your smart home running smoothly.
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Setting up a new HomePod Mini with an iPhone SE.
How to Set Up a HomePod Mini
A HomePod Mini with an iPhone.
How to Fix the Most Common HomePod Mini Problems
A home weather station display.
Should You Buy a Personal Weather Station?
A personal weather station ready to assemble and set up.
How to Set Up a Personal Weather Station
Update HomePod mini using iPhone
How to Update a HomePod Mini
Apple HomePod sitting on a desk
How to Reset a HomePod mini
Google Home and ipad on a counter
Can Google Home and Alexa Work Together?
Sonos Beam
How to Connect Sonos Beam to TV
A photo of the Wemo Smart Plug connected to a wall outlet.
How to Reset a Wemo Plug
The PlayStation VR headset
Can You Watch Movies on Sony VR?
A person using a PlayStation VR headset with two Move controllers
Do You Need a TV for PlayStation VR?
Gosund smart plug lifestyle
How to Set Up Gosund Smart Plug
TP-Link Kasa HS-100 Smart Wi-Fi Plug
How to Reset a Kasa Smart Plug
Sonos One On A Shelf
How to Connect Sonos One to TV
Sonos Beam
How to Set Up Sonos Beam
Sonos Beam
How to Turn Off Sonos Beam
Sonos Beam
How to Reset a Sonos Beam
A Sonos One smart speaker sitting on a table with a lamp, plant, and other trinkets.
How to Set up a Sonos One
Sonos One white speaker
How to Reboot and Reset a Sonos One
HomePod settings to reset the HomePod on iPhone
How to Reset a HomePod
Image of a WeMo smart plug connected to a Wi-Fi network
How to Connect a Smart Plug to Wi-Fi
A man standing in a kitchen looking at a ceiling light while holding a tablet
Do Smart Plugs Save Energy?
Connecting AirPods to Roku TV with an iPhone.
How to Connect AirPods to Roku TV
A Roomba i3 cleaning the floor
What Is a Roomba and How Does It Work?
The Intercom feature shown on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch with a HomePod and Earbuds nearby.
Apple Intercom: What It Is and How to Use It
A woman wearing a Google Cardboard VR headset while using a virtual reality iPhone app.
The Best VR Apps for the iPhone in 2023
How to Get Siri to Read Text on iOS and macOS
How to Get Siri to Read Text on iOS and macOS
Particle data forming and artificial intelligence robot face.
What Is Artificial Intelligence?
Robotic arms cooking a meal on a kitchen stove without human assistance
Rise of the Home Robot
Facial recognition dots on face peering into a home window
5 Ways AI Can Make Your Home Happy
Artificial intelligence representation
Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning: What's the Difference?
Four robotic arms assembling a car.
The Four Types of Artificial Intelligence
An older adult setting up a smart thermostat.
What is the Samsung SmartThings App?
A white HomePod and a black homepod
How To Update Your HomePod
ADT and Ring logos
ADT vs. Ring: Which Smart Security System Is Best for You?
SimpliSafe and ring logos
SimpliSafe vs Ring: Which Smart Security System Is Best for You?
Image of mounting a security camera
How to Install Security Cameras
Apple HomePod being controlled with an iPhone
How to Set up Apple HomePod
A woman tries to watch a movie on her phone, but Google Assistant won't play movies.
What To Do When Google Assistant Won't Play Movies
An illustration of the Siri digital assistant versus the Amazon Alexa mobile assistant.
Siri vs Alexa: Which Assistant Is Best For You?
A graphic showing Google Home vs Amazon Alex/Echo
Google Home vs. Alexa: Which Smart Speaker Is Best For You?
Google Home and a laptop using YouTube.
How to Use Google Home to Play YouTube Videos
A woman viewing the feed from her smart doorbell on her phone.
How to Install Any Ring Doorbell Without an Existing Doorbell
Honeywell Thermostat
How to Connect a Honeywell Thermostat to Wi-Fi
Samsung Smart TV
Smart TVs: What You Need to Know
Smart Lock with iPhone App Showing Door Unlocked screenshot
What Is a Smart Lock and Why Would You Want One?
A finger about to press a video doorbell.
How to Install the Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2
Hand holding a smartphone with luggage in the background
What Are Smart Bags?
Pair of living room windows with smart blinds half opened
What Are Smart Blinds?
Person holding credit card while using laptop.
What Is Cyber Monday?
a woman using her tablet at home
What Is IFTTT?
Photo of smart toilet with controls on the side.
What Is a Smart Toilet and Should You Buy One?
HiCan smart bed
What Is a Smart Bed?
Nest Hello vs. Ring
Nest Hello vs. Ring
Man sitting in robe next to clear glass window
Smart Glass: What You Need To Know
A woman pushes the test button to reset her beeping carbon monoxide detector.
Why Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Is Beeping
Hand holding a credit card in front of an open laptop
What is Green Monday?
Nest thermostat
What Is Google Nest and How Does it Work?
Doorbell Camera Ring Delivery Security
What Is the Ring Doorbell and How Does It Work?