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    Smart & Connected Life

    Hand touching smart home controls on wall panel.
    Galaxy Watch4 Series
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Price, Release Date, Specs, and News
    Galaxy Watch 5
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: News, Price, Release Date, and Specs
    Alexa in front of a TV
    Can Alexa Record Conversations in a Room?
    Pile of used cellphones
    6 Best Sites to Sell or Trade Used Electronics
    The aftermath of a fender-bender
    Should You Buy a Dash Cam?
    A leafy hand and a robot hand touching fingers.
    Eco-friendly Technology
    Open suitcase under hand holding a smartphone and headphones lying nearby.
    Travel Tech
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    Working From Home
    The Volkswagen ID.4 on a dealership showroom floor.
    Why EV Buyers Should Care About the Climate Bill
    Apple logo on car steering wheel
    Apple Car: News, Price, Release Date, Features, and More Rumors
    Apple Glasses US patent illustration
    Apple Glasses: Rumored Release Date, Price, Specs, News, and More
    Woman using AirPods with iPad.
    AirPods Won't Connect or Go Into Pairing Mode? Here's the Fix
    Alexa app starts up on smartphone screen
    How to Connect Your Android Phone to Alexa
    Man holding one AirPod outside his ear and making a face
    How to Fix It When One AirPod Is Not Working
    A road sign point the way to an EV charging station.
    EV Charging on Public Land Shouldn’t Be a Big Deal
    Group of SLR camera lenses
    What to Look for When Buying Used Camera Lenses
    Unpairing an Apple Watch and iPhone
    How to Unpair Apple Watch
    Sales rep driving car holding a cup of coffee talking on a Bluetooth headset
    How to Pair a Bluetooth Headset to an iPhone
    People using Amazon lockers
    Worried About Your Amazon Delivery? Send It to an Amazon Locker
    How to Play SiriusXM On Alexa
    How to Turn off Eco Mode on Your Nest Thermostat
    A woman lying on her bed looking at her Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation speaker using its Alexa alarm clock feature.
    How to Fix It When Your Alexa Alarm Isn’t Going Off
    A finger about to press a video doorbell.
    Install a Ring Doorbell to Find Out Who's at Your Door
    Hnad pressing the digital crown on an Apple Watch
    Discover How to Reset Your Apple Watch
    Add printer: Windows 10
    How to Connect to a Printer in Windows 10
    Photograph of waterfall in jungle
    Create Stunning Running Water Images With a Few Simple Steps
    Mature man working in home office
    How to Negotiate a Remote Work Arrangement
    GoPro taking images out of an airplane window
    Import GoPro Pictures onto macOS With Ease
    A person using app on phone
    How to Play Podcasts on Alexa
    Android Auto icon on a car touchscreen.
    How to Disable Android Auto
    Alarms on Apple Watch
    Set, Delete, and Cancel alarms on your Apple Watch
    Couple listening to music on an iPod Touch
    How to Reset the iPod Touch Without Losing Your Music
    Couple taking self-portrait at music festival
    Success Tips for Shooting Photos in a Crowd
    Google Pixel Watch renders in orange, grey, and blue
    Google Pixel Watch: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors
    AirPods Pro with replacement tips and silicone ear hooks.
    How to Change AirPod Pro Tips for the Perfect Fit
    Woman in car using the screen to access the radio
    2 Easy Ways to Cancel SiriusXM Radio
    A person holding an iPhone with the Alexa app logo.
    How to Fix It When Alexa says the Echo is Offline
    Amazon Prime logo
    How to Cancel an Amazon Prime Membership
    A woman is sitting on a sofa and looking at a mobile phone.
    How to Skype With Alexa
    Close-Up photo of a camera lens
    Why Are Photos Stored in a DCIM Folder?
    Amazon prime box being held by person
    Is Amazon Prime Worth It?
    Woman using a Smart speaker with smart phone.
    How to Make Alexa the Center of Your Smart Home
    Photo of Amazon Echo Dot next to Cortana open with the Alexa skill on a Windows 10 system.
    How to Use Alexa and Cortana Together
    Person in kitchen broadcasting to another person in the home
    How to Use Google Home as a House Intercom System
    Zoom mic option on a desktop PC
    Zoom Microphone Not Working? Try These Quick Fixes
    The Intercom feature shown on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch with a HomePod and Earbuds nearby.
    Apple Intercom: What It Is and How to Use It
    Little girl looking out car window
    How to Fix a Stuck Car Window
    An Apple Watch user checking the Activity app on an iPhone
    How to Pair and Connect an Apple Watch With a New iPhone
    Person using Google Home with iPhone
    How to Use Google Home With Your iPhone
    Person driving a car with CarPlay enabled
    Are You Getting the Most Out of CarPlay?
    Collage of mobile devices
    Tech Tips for First-Time College Students
    Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation Design Example
    How to Set up the Amazon Echo Show
    Person using Siri on an Apple Watch
    How to Use Apple Watch With Siri
    Image of mounting a security camera
    Yes, You Can Install Security Cameras Without Too Much Effort
    A bluetooth speaker next to a laptop
    How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Computer
    Rear view of a silver GoPro Hero 4 Camera
    How to Keep Those GoPro Batteries Charged
    A woman looking at her Apple Watch while her smartphone is in front of her.
    Is an Apple Watch Worth It?
    Google Home Max connected to Wi-Fi
    How to Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi
    How to Connect AirPods to Chromebook