Starting a Small Business: Web Hosting Is the Way to Go

Web hosting diagram of mail and tablets in separate colors going into a single color
Sally Elford/Getty Images

Becoming an entrepreneur is no child's play, and things can be quite tough in the beginning, and life is really hectic even once you get going, and your venture turns profitable. For those who’re planning to start a small business, web hosting is certainly a great choice, but it doesn't require heavy investments upfront.

How to Start Your Business

Profit margins will be fairly low initially, but then when you consider the fact that you can start a hosting business at literally zero investment, it's certainly quite a reasonable option. When you compare web hosting with other businesses, you can break even during the very first month, because all you need to recover is the cost of purchasing a reseller hosting package, setting up your own website, and promoting it on the web smartly.

Now, having said so, there’s no dearth of hosting resellers on the Internet, and the chances are quite low that you’d be able to stand out of the crowd unless you really do something different. Sure thing, you may do some PPC marketing, and drive organic traffic through SEO, and resell a few hosting packages, but then you won’t be able to make big money in the long run with that approach.

Market Your Business

Just the way GoDaddy has created its name with those controversial yet so effective videos, and GoDaddy girls, you need to think of a solid branding and marketing strategy to catch the attention of the masses if you plan on having a successful business.