SlimDrivers Review

A Full Review of SlimDrivers, a Free Driver Updater Tool

Several antivirus engines have identified SlimDrivers as including some type of malware, so we don't recommend you update drivers with this application. Instead, try Driver Booster or another free tool from our list of driver updater programs.

SlimDrivers is a free driver updater tool for Windows. It supports scheduled scans, direct downloads, and automatic definition updates.

Device drivers can also be backed up and restored with SlimDrivers, as well as completely uninstalled.

This review is of SlimDrivers version 2.3.

More About SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers v2.2 in Windows 8

SlimDrivers supports most versions of Windows and operates in much the same way as other driver updaters:

  • SlimDrivers is designed to work with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available
  • Even though it's not officially supported, SlimDrivers seems to work equally well in Windows 10
  • Drivers downloaded through SlimDrivers are obtained through the software, which means you don't have to open a web browser to search and download updates
  • Definitions are updated automatically to keep SlimDrivers current on new device driver updates for your hardware

SlimDrivers Pros & Cons

While I don't love everything about SlimDrivers, there are certainly good reasons to choose this program:


  • Optionally scan for driver updates on a schedule
  • Updates are downloaded inside the SlimDrivers program and not externally through a browser
  • Supports backing up, restoring, and uninstalling drivers
  • Asks to create a restore point before downloading a driver update
  • Option to ignore any device, which prevents future update notifications


  • Won't find driver updates unless there's an active Internet connection
  • Batch downloading isn't supported (must download each driver manually)
  • No detailed information on an update before it's downloaded
  • Setup tries to install another program along with SlimDrivers

My Thoughts on SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers is the perfect program to keep you up-to-date on new drivers. I like that it supports automatic scanning so you install it and let it run in the background.

While testing SlimDrivers, it actually found two extra updates that a couple other programs didn't catch. Because of this, it may be wise to try out SlimDrivers if you suspect a device is in need of a driver update but none were found while using similar software or via a manual search.

I mentioned above that not much information is displayed for drivers before you download an update. The only thing SlimDrivers shows you is the release date of the current driver compared with the date of the updated one. This is helpful, sure, but not as useful as having a version number to compare as well, which is a better indicator.

Also, please know that SlimDrivers doesn't work properly unless it can reach the Internet. The program appears to scan the computer for outdated drivers when you're disconnected from the network, and even says everything is updated, but in reality nothing has been done.

Obviously this isn't good because it gives false information about the status of your drivers, simply because it can't reach its database of driver information.