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A Full Review of SlimCleaner Free, a Free Registry Cleaner

Some browsers block the download for SlimCleaner Free because it's identified as malicious. There are several other free registry cleaners we recommend over this one.

SlimCleaner Free is a program suite that includes lots of tools, such as a registry cleaner, optimization tool, file shredder, software uninstaller, program updater, disk analyzer, defrag program, and more.

The registry cleaning portion is very simple to use, it can run on a schedule, and it even backs up the registry automatically.

This review is of SlimCleaner Free version

More About SlimCleaner Free

SlimCleaner Free cleaner page
  • Windows 8, Window 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are all officially supported, but we were able to use SlimCleaner in Windows 10 too
  • The registry cleaning tool is found in the Cleaner > Registry section of the program
  • The program scans for issues in categories filed under shared DLLs, help files, installers, empty software keys, services, startups, and file extensions
  • Instead of scanning for errors and then repairing them, you can do so with one click called AutoClean
  • You can right-click any registry issue and choose to ignore it so SlimCleaner Free will stop detecting it as a problem
  • Registry backups are created automatically and can be removed or restored back to the Windows Registry from the Registry > Backups section of the settings
  • A scan or a clean can be scheduled on a daily or weekly basis for any time of day
  • It includes the ability to scan for viruses using VirusTotal via right-clicking files
  • You can create a portable version of SlimCleaner Free by clicking Install Portable Version in the General tab of the settings. Just choose a USB device to install it on

SlimCleaner Free Pros & Cons

I have found things to both like and dislike about this program:


  • Not confusing to use
  • Backs up the registry automatically
  • Includes many useful tools
  • Comparable to similar registry cleaners
  • Can be used from a portable device


  • Lots of other tools can get in the way of the registry cleaner
  • Results of a scan aren't very user-friendly
  • Must "install" a portable version instead of download one from the website
  • Might take significant time to install since it downloads installation files first

Thoughts on SlimCleaner Free

The first thing we noticed about SlimCleaner Free is that if you wish to run the registry cleaner apart from all the other tools, you must first deselect all the other options from the other cleaning tools.

For example, you must remove the check mark next to the Windows, Applications, Browser, etc. sections and leave just the registry cleaner options selected. Avoiding this will clean all parts of your computer and not just the registry. However, while a little annoying, it doesn't take long to do.

To see just the results of the registry scan, you have to right-click a registry issue from the results page and then click View Results. At that point, you can use the Clean button to erase them and everything else that was scanned.

Another little thing we don't like is the way it deals with the results after removing registry issues. The results are shown just fine but the moment you click away from them, you can't return. Again, not a huge deal, but it's an inconvenience that should be mentioned.

It's also too bad you can't download a portable version of SlimCleaner Free from their website. You instead have to "install" it from the settings. This is an extra step most other portable-enabled programs don't require.

Despite those problems, it's still an awesome program because of its vast number of beneficial tools. The registry cleaner scans for a variety of problems and, in our tests, found around the same number of errors as similarly ranked registry cleaners.

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