How to Sleep (and Dream) in Animal Crossing

Yes, you can visit other islands in your dreams

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can have their villager go to sleep and visit other islands while dreaming. While you normally have to have your friends let you onto their islands, dreaming allows you to freely "imagine" yourself on their island should they be unavailable.

To create a Dream Address or use Dream Suite, you must have a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

How to Share Your Island

To allow friends to dream visit your island, you must create a Dream Address. You will do this with the help of Luna, a tapir NPC. She will essentially be a dream guide of sorts to you.

Make sure you have a bed set up somewhere in your home. Approach your bed and push forward on the control stick to lie down on it.

A prompt asking, "Should I get some sleep?" will appear, and you will select "Yeah, I want to sleep..."

Animal Crossing: New Horizons dreaming press screenshot


Luna will appear near your bed, and you will want to select the option reading "I'd like to share a dream." Then, select "I'm ready!" Luna will then connect you to the internet and create an instance of your island for other people to visit.

As the game warns you, sharing your island as a dream will make your name and the contents of your dream public to anyone who gets your Dream Address.

Luna will then give you a 12-digit Dream Address that you can share with friends or in public. Your Dream Address will also be visible on your Passport and your island's map. You may refresh your dream island once a day.

You can also permit Luna to "surprise share" your island, although you can adjust this setting by speaking to her in your dream state. You can also ask Luna to delete your dream.

By allowing other players to visit your island in a dream, they can bring back designs on display on your Custom Designs Portal. They will be unable to physically affect the contents of your island, as they cannot collect fruits or materials, chop down your trees, or terraform in any way. This is simply a feature for allowing your friends or anyone you permit to explore the space of your island.

How to Visit Friend Islands Through Dreams

To visit other islands created by your friends, have your villager go to sleep on your bed. When Luna approaches you and asks what you want to do in this dream state, select the option that reads "I want to dream." Then, select "Yes, I am ready!" to connect to the internet.

You can "Search by Dream Address" and input a Dream Address that you find or that a friend gives you. Alternatively, you can select "Surprise me," and Luna will send you to a randomly selected island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons dreaming press screenshot


Your bed will then appear in the middle of the town plaza of this dream island. Your inventory will be empty, but you'll retrieve your items once you wake up. You will be free to explore the island, although you cannot make physical changes to the island. Instead, you can explore the space and talk to villagers. If you see any inappropriate content, press the – button to send a report and wake up your villager.

To return to the world of the waking, lie down back on the bed and select "I want to wake up!"

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