Slack Outage Still Affecting Some People

It may continue to be out for several more hours

Many Slack users were caught off guard by a Slack outage on Thursday evening, and it looks like the problem will likely persist for a bit longer.

The unexpected downtime has been affecting Slack users worldwide—some of whom have been able to get things running again, while others are still waiting. According to @SlackStatus on Twitter, the domain name system (DNS) issue was caused by something on the company's end and is not related to any third-party services.

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Slack initially stated that the issue would be resolved within 12 hours, but later said it was mistaken and it would actually be closer to 24 hours.

Assuming it means 24 hours from the time of its first statement regarding the outage, that means it could be down until around 4~5 p.m. ET Friday.

That said, Slack's most recent tweet about the issue states that "it will take some time for the resolution to reach everyone," implying we just have to wait for servers to catch up at this point.

Slack said that reloading the web page might work if you're still being affected by the outage, though the solution hasn't worked for everyone.

It also has suggested switching over to Google DNS if possible, though it may be simpler to wait for Slack to sort everything out on its end, depending on your situation.

While it's not ideal—especially not during the workday on Friday—a fix is indeed on the way. Now it's just a question of when the resolution will finish rolling out to everyone.

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