Slack Reveals New Sharing and Creation Features

The new update should roll out now

Slack announced its app will receive several new features during Tuesday's Dreamforce tech conference.

The updates include allowing users to create and share media, and an enhancement to its direct messages. The company said it the announcement that it's focused on helping businesses (and their employees) shift to a digital-first environment.

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Users will be able to create and share audio, video, and screen recordings thanks to the new Clips feature. The recordings can be shared in the channels or via direct messages on Slack, and users have the option to add live captions and searchable transcripts. This type of content can even be sped up or slowed down.

The Clips feature was designed to help bridge the gap teams may face when dealing with different time zones, allowing them to record meetings and have their clips shared.

Coworkers also can reply to the clip with their own audio or video recording, alongside the usual text and emoji responses.

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Slack Connect is getting an upgrade, as companies on the Enterprise Grid plan now can host other companies or customers not on a paid plan. Slack also offers several paid plans that bring additional features and better security to businesses, but previously excluded people and organizations not on the right paid plan. That barrier is now gone.

Clips begins rolling out today and will be available on all paid tiers later this fall, while Connect will stay on the Enterprise Grid plan. Slack didn’t say whether Connect will extend to the other tiers.

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