How to Get Free Slab Serif Western Fonts for WANTED Posters

Try these free Western fonts

Cartoon, blank 'wanted' poster pinned up with two drawing pins and small arrow, rope noose
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Western-style fonts are typically slab serif fonts—some plain, some fancy. Of these, the square serif fonts are squarer, larger, and bolder than most other serif fonts. The Western fonts in this list were selected specifically for making customized "Wanted" posters. All are available individually online. Many of the font houses offer collections of Western fonts that include these and others like them.

Some of these Western-style fonts have only uppercase letters with no punctuation. If you need both uppercase and lowercase letters and punctuation, check out the complete font set to confirm the typeface you prefer comes with them.


Free Western Font - Nashville. Nashville by Disturbed Type

Nashville, a distressed slab serif, is the quintessential "Wanted" poster font. One caveat: It includes no numbers. If you want a reward amount on your poster, you'll need to get the numbers from a different font. For the large "WANTED" at the top of the poster and other text, though, Nashville works great.



Perdido by The Scriptorium
Perdido. Perdido by The Scriptorium

Perdido is a demo font with capital letters only—no numbers or punctuation. It is similar in style to Nashville and Saddlebag but has a more distressed appearance.


Cowboys font by Sharkshock
Cowboys Font. Cowboys by Sharkshock

Cowboys is a plain, fat slab serif. Heavier than the other fonts shown here, it has numbers, punctuation, and a Texas-sized star but no lower-case letters.


Showguide font
Showguide font. Showguide Western font

A condensed slab serif typeface similar to Cowboys, Showguide has upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and a few punctuation marks.


Saddlebag font by Dieter Steffmann
Saddlebag font. Saddlebag by Dieter Steffmann

A wide, slightly decorative slab serif, Saddlebag has upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and accented characters.


Western by James L. DeVriese
Western font. Western by James L. DeVriese

A little fancier than Saddlebag, Western is similar to Perdido but without the distressed appearance. The font includes upper- and lowercase letters, numerals, and basic punctuation.

Edmunds Distressed

Edmunds font by Ray Larabie
Edmunds. Edmunds by Ray Larabie

Edmunds Distressed is a little friendlier-looking than other slab serif fonts. It's available in regular and distressed versions, the latter of which has rough edges.


This tidy slab serif has it all: upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, math symbols, fractions, and "f" ligatures.

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