Using Skype's Echo/Sound Test Service to Check Your Settings

Skype Call Testing


After you install Skype on your computer, verify that your audio is working well and that your computer's connection to the internet and to Skype are strong enough to facilitate a call. You also should check that you're able to hear well and that the person on the other end can hear you, too. Checking that your Skype connection is in top working order before that important call comes in is crucial, of course — Skype offers a simple, always-available way to be sure: the Echo/Test Sound Service.

Find the Echo/Test Sound Service Link

Log into Skype. Select the Contacts panel on the left, which is where all your contacts are displayed. Among them, you'll see a link for the Echo/Test Sound Service; it should appear first in the list. Click it to open its details on the main pane of the interface.

Make A Call

Click the green calling button to initiate the call. A female voice will welcome you and introduce you to the service for 10 seconds. After the beep, speak into your microphone; the service records your voice for 10 seconds, so for the most thorough test, continue talking for the duration. After the second beep, your recorded voice will playback for 10 seconds. Then, you'll hear the female voice again, explaining that the test has concluded.

Can You Hear Me Now?

If you hear your voice clearly during the playback, your audio is configured properly, and you can make voice calls without a problem. If you don't hear your own recording, your voice input — your microphone — may be misconfigured.

If you don't hear Echo, check your audio configurations. Ensure, for example, that your external equipment — such as headphones, microphone, or headset — is connected properly to your computer.

If you hear absolutely nothing right from the start, then you have a problem with your computer's sound function. Check your sound card settings and drivers. 

The Echo/Sound Test function also checks your connection. When you initiate the call, it tries to connect to a Skype remote server. If it fails, you have a problem with your internet connection. If you're able to use your internet connection but can't connect to Echo, the problem might lie with Skype itself.

For more about fixing a troublesome Skype connection, visit Skype's troubleshooting guide.