Skype Quick Audio Test

Testing Your Sound Settings With Skype Calling Test

Skype Call Testing

After you install Skype on your computer, you want to make sure that your audio is working fine but in input and output mode. You also want to make sure you are hearing well and you are well heard before an important Skype call, especially if you have been through audio configuration hassles. Skype offers a simple way to test your audio called the Echo / Test Sound Service. Here is how to use it. 

First Things First

Make sure you are well logged in. Select the "contacts" panel on the left, which is the place where all your contacts are displayed. One contact will be the Echo/Test Sound Service, first in the list. Click on it to bring its details and options on the main pane of the interface. It shows online, which it always does, meaning that you can do the test at any time. 

Make A Call

Click on the green calling button to initiate the call. A lady voice will welcome and introduce you to the service for 10 seconds. After the beep, say anything to want for a duration of 10 seconds. If you talk only for two seconds, you still will have to wait for the 10 seconds to be over, for the service records your voice for this long. After the second beep, your recorded voice will playback for 10 seconds. Then, the lady voice will talk again to conclude. 

Can You Hear Me Now?

If you hear the echo of your voice, it means your audio is properly configured and you can make voice calls correctly. If for the 10 seconds after your speak you hear nothing, then there is a problem with your voice input, meaning your microphone. In this case, you will want to check your audio configurations. If you hear absolutely nothing right from the start, then you have a problem with your sound altogether. Check your sound card settings or your drivers. 

This sound audio test also tests your connection. When you initiate the call, it tries to connect to a Skype remote server, such that if you have a problem with your Internet connection, it will not work, showing a vain effort to connect.