How to Use Skype on Your BlackBerry Device

Blackberry devices are good candidates for making the most of wireless/mobile VoIP. There is an interesting number of VoIP applications for BlackBerry and services that allow BlackBerry users to make free or cheap calls. However, many BlackBerry users are not satisfied, because, for them, VoIP means ​Skype. BlackBerry users haven’t been happy with Skype so far; there is no full-fledged Skype client for BlackBerry. So here are a few other ways you can use the service on your BlackBerry machine.

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Verizon Skype for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Torch 9800
isriya/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

This is the only purely Skype client available for BlackBerry so far, but it has two big limitations. First, it works only on Verizon Wireless. Second, it supports only a handful of BlackBerry models.

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IM+ for Skype

This product from Shape Services allows you to call users on their PCs for free and to any other phone through SkypeOut service. It works with 3G, GSM, and CDMA networks, using the network minutes to place the calls. This has to be added to the cost of the calls. Among other features are presence management and a nice interface. IM+ for Skype is not free; it costs around $30, but you have a week for the trial.

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iSkoot works in generally the same way as IM+, except for the fact that the application is free, and it charges nothing for the service. We guess they should be earning money from contracts they made with Skype. While IM+ works worldwide, iSkoot works only in 45 countries. iSkoot uses your network minutes to make calls, so long distance calls cost the same as local calls.

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Skype Lite for BlackBerry

This is true Skype software built for BlackBerry, but it was still in closed Beta version back in 2009. No news for now. We have included this item in the list so you can know that you should not expect the application's release.