How to Skype Multiple People

Set up a Skype group call with friends and family

What to Know

  • Go to Chat > New Group Chat > enter a name > Arrow > add people > Done > Audio/Video Call.
  • You can make future calls with the same group through the Recent Chats section.
  • Up to 100 people can be on a call simultaneously.

This article will show you how to make a group chat in Skype and start an audio or video call with them.

What Do I Need to Know About Skype Group Chats?

Skype offers various different means in which to chat. Whether you simply want to arrange a quick catch up with the family via audio chat or you want to set up a Skype group video call, it's useful to know what to expect. Here's a look at the basics behind the concept.

  • Up to 100 people can participate. We're not expecting many family gatherings to require that many participants but if you want, you can video or audio chat with up to 49 other users. The more people in the group chat, the more the quality can be degraded if your internet connection struggles. 
  • Up to 300 people can text. Don't need audio or video? You can easily form a text conversation with up to 300 people. 
  • It's entirely free. You don't have to worry about subscribing or paying any fees. Up to 100 people are entirely free to use via any mobile device, tablet, or computer. 
  • You don't need an account. Not everyone needs an account to join in. You can share a link with users so they can participate without signing up.
  • You can chat for up to 4 hours. Skype has a fair usage policy of 4 hours per individual video call with up to 10 hours per day. Exceed that limit and it switches to an audio call. 

How to Set up a Group Call in Skype

It's almost as simple to set up a group call as it is to call anyone on Skype. Here's what to do the first time.

  1. Open Skype.

  2. Select the new chat button.

    Skype with New Chat highlighted
  3. Click New Group Chat.

    Skype with New Group Chat highlighted
  4. Enter a name for the group chat.

  5. Click the Arrow button.

    Skype with new group chat options
  6. Add people to the group by clicking their name or typing their name into the dialog box.

  7. Click Done when you've added everyone.

    Skype with create new group options and Done highlighted
  8. Click the Video Call button to start a call with the group.

    Skype with a group call open and Video Chat option highlighted

    Alternatively, click the Audio Call button to set up an audio-only call.

How to Join Future Group Calls

It's even simpler to join other group calls once they've already been created. Here's how to do it.

  1. Open Skype.

  2. Click on the group chat in Recent Chats.

  3. Click the Video Call button to start a call with the group.

    Alternatively, click the Audio Call button to set up an audio-only call.

Skype Group Call Tips

Skype group calls are easy to set up and also offer some useful extra bonuses. Here are some ideas.

  • Invite more people. If you want to invite more people, simply click the Add to Group button to add new members of the family or friendship circle. 
  • Send fun messages. Want to send a video message rather than make a call? Hit the Video Message button to send a quick message to someone.
  • Create a poll. In the group chat, you can easily create a poll and send it to everyone. It's a great way of helping figure out where you should all meet up in person next time. 
  • Share your location. Click the Share your location button to share your location as a handy safety feature or simply to show off your vacation spot. 
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