Skullcandy Is Back in the Gaming Headset Biz, Launches Three New Pairs

Wired and wireless versions to suit different tastes

It’s been a while since Skullcandy has pushed out some new gaming headsets, but the company just announced a trio of colorful cans to suit a wide variety of gamers.

These newly-announced headsets include the base model wired SLYR, the more advanced wired SLYR Pro, and the wireless PLYR. The budget-friendly SLYR comes in at $60 and is your standard entry-level headset, though it does include a bi-directional removable boom mic. 

Skullcandy Headphones


The SLYR Pro costs $100 and ups the ante as it includes the same removable boom mic but also includes proprietary Clear Voice Smart Mic technology for a "premium wired-only gaming experience." The Pro features a redesigned headband over the standard SLYR for a more comfortable fit. 

Finally, there's the feather in Skullcandy's cap, the wireless PLYR Bluetooth headphones, which cost $130. They feature the same removable mic and proprietary Smart Mic tech as the prior version but include a battery that allows for 24 hours of gaming per charge, rapid charging technology, built-in finding tech via the Tile app, and easy-to-reach on-board controls. 

Both the SLYR Pro and PLYR offer access to Skullcandy's Windows-based customization software to make adjustments on the fly, including an EQ, a game/chat slider, and more. The PLYR headphones also connect to a smartphone app with similar functionality. 

Each headset includes a unique design with a "digitized aesthetic" and is available in multiple colors, such as "Green DigiHype" and "Blue DigiHype." These headphones launch in October at online retailers, big box stores, and dedicated gaming retail establishments.

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