Skills to Look for When Hiring Bloggers

Successful Bloggers Will Bring These Skills to Your Blog

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When the time comes to hire someone else to write your blog for you, remember the following five essential skills that you need to look for in a blogger to ensure he or she will be able to make your blog successful.

Experience Blogging

Blogging is a unique type of writing. While it can be learned, when you're hiring someone to write your blog for you, you want them to come with pre-existing experience. Look for a blogger who can demonstrate that he or she has successfully driven traffic to another blog and frequently updates that blog with meaningful posts. Additionally, make sure the blogger you want to hire is responsive to comments on his or her existing blog, which will show you his or her ability to generate and sustain a two-way conversation that leads to a sense of community and reader loyalty.

Excellent Grammar and Proofreading Skills

Nothing makes a blog look more amateur than poor spelling and grammar. Take a look at your blogger candidates' writing samples and existing blogs to determine whether or not they possess an adequate level of attention to detail and stellar proofreading skills.

Can Demonstrate Where to Find Readers and How to Drive Traffic

A good blogger applicant will already have a solid understanding of how the blogosphere works. He or she will be able to answer the question, "What will you do to drive traffic to my blog and where will you find readers?"

Has Accounts with Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Sites

An experienced blogger will understand the importance of social networking and social bookmarking and will already have active accounts with websites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Facebook. You want to hire a blogger who knows the value of social media and already knows how to leverage it to promote your blog.

Understands Search Engine Optimization

A skilled blogger knows how to write blog posts with SEO in mind in order to get your blog noticed by search engines such as Google. SEO is critical to driving traffic to your blog. Therefore, it is equally critical that you hire a blogger who has a clear understanding of writing with SEO in mind.