'Skate 3' Cheat Codes for Xbox 360

Unlock special modes, activate a jumping glitch, and get achievements

Illustration of two people playing Skate 3 on an Xbox 360

Lifewire / Adrian Mangel

This list of "Skate 3" cheats codes works on the Xbox 360 video game console and lets you do things like unlock zombie mode and enable hoverboard mode. You'll also find a list of achievements for "Skate 3" with explanations on how to get them.

Cheat codes for "Skate 3" are entered as passwords within the game's menu system. To enter these Xbox 360 cheat codes, press Start, go to Options > Extras, and then enter the cheat code.

'Skate 3' Cheat Codes

  • Hoverboard Mode: mcfly
    • Trucks and wheels disappear from your deck when you use this "Skate 3" cheat code.
  • Mini-Skater Mode: miniskaters
  • Reset All Objects: streetsweeper
    • Use this cheat code to reset all objects in every area back to their original positions.
  • Unlock Isaac: deadspacetoo
    • This cheat unlocks Isaac from Dead Space as a playable skater.
  • Unlock Miracle Whip Clothes and Other Objects: dontbesomayo
  • Zombie Mode: zombie
    • This cheat code causes pedestrians to chase you, and the screen to go yellow.

'Skate 3' Achievements

The following achievements can be unlocked in "Skate 3" on the Xbox 360. To unlock an achievement, simply complete the indicated task from the list below:

  • 100% Pure Adrenaline (10 GS points): Fly Spread Eagle for 10 seconds.
  • A Dynasty Is Born (30 GS points): Fully staffed your team
  • All Your Base Are Belong to You (10 GS points): Unlock the Team HQ.
  • Artsy Fartsy (20 GS points): Upload five films, five photo, and three skate parks.
  • Beast Unleashed (10 GS points): Win the Monster contest.
  • Big-Footy (10 GS points): Beat the film ender.
  • Blaow! (20 GS points): 10,000-point trick
  • Co-Operator (10 GS points): Complete an Online Career challenge.
  • Constructive Criticism (20 GS points): Rate five skate, five films, and five photos.
  • Deck Peddler (75 GS points): 1 million boards sold
  • Dedicated (100 GS points): Everything beaten, everything unlocked, everything earned.
  • Did Somebody Get a Boo Boo? (20 GS points): 75,000-point bail
  • Don't Be So Mayo (20 GS points): Land a Miracle Whip (superdude body flip).
  • Employee #1 (10 GS points): Start your team.
  • Employee #2 (10 GS points): Earn your first career teammate.
  • Employee #3 (20 GS points): Earn your second career teammate.
  • Employee #4 (20 GS points): Earn your third career teammate.
  • Extreme Grindage (10 GS points): Perform a 100-meter or 300-foot grind.
  • Gone Viral (20 GS points): Catch the Skate Flu.
  • GVR Champ (10 GS points): Win the Goofy vs. Regular contest.
  • High Five! (25 GS points): Win any five Ranked Challenges.
  • In Stereo (20 GS points): Complete Coach Frank's skate School Tutorials.
  • Is That All You Got? (50 GS points): Own all challenges.
  • It Takes a Really Big Village‚Ķ (50 GS points): Reach community board sales target.
  • King of Kings (20 GS points): Win the street and tranny ender contests.
  • Lot Monopolist (30 GS points): Own all of the lots.
  • Lot Pwners (10 GS points): Win a Ranked Team Own The Lot.
  • Making a Buddy Call (10 GS points): Call a Skater to come skate with you.
  • Mantastic Voyage (10 GS points): Three manuals in a single sequence
  • Masochist (10 GS points): Beat the "Thorax Crunch" Hall of Meat Challenge.
  • Mass Murderer (50 GS points): Kill 80 challenges.
  • Objectifier (10 GS points): Three Moveable objects used in a single sequence
  • Overexposed (20 GS points): Complete all Promotional Films and Photos.
  • Park Apprentice (20 GS points): Complete the skate park tutorials.
  • Party at the Penthouse (10 GS points): Win both Maloof Money Cup contests.
  • Sellout! (20 GS points): Create a Logo and put it on your Skater.
  • Sexiest Skater Alive (20 GS points): Get the covers of Skateboard Mag and Thrasher.
  • Speed Demon (10 GS points): Win the final deathrace.
  • Spot Monopolist (30 GS points): Own all of the spots.
  • T-Mobilized (10 GS points): Win the T-Mobile sponsored contest
  • Takin 'Em to the Limit (20 GS points): Get the terrain meter in the red for your own skate park.
  • Talking 'Bout Team Practice (10 GS points): Play in a six-player Team Freeskate session.
  • Team Up (20 GS points): Be part of a team with two or more skaters.
  • The Consummate Pro (20 GS points): Complete all pro challenges.
  • Throw Down (10 GS points): Win a Ranked Online Team Challenge.
  • Trick Spammer (20 GS points): 30,000-point line
  • You're Winner! (10 GS points): Win a Ranked Online Solo Challenge.

    'Skate 3' Super Jump Trick

    Something else you can do in the "Skate 3" game is find a glitch that launches you into the air. To enable the "Skate 3" super jump glitch, you have to be using the Goofy Stance (your feet should face the left side of the screen) and you must perform the trick on completely flat ground.

    Start by doing an FS 360 pop Shuvit. While in the air, tap RT or LT, but before you land the move, hit Y. The effect should be that your character flies 40 feet or so into the air.