5 Situations Where You Need a Selfie Stick

Sometimes taking a regular selfie just doesn't cut it

A selfie stick is a monopod for your smartphone that extends outward so you can take better selfies. Your phone connects to the selfie stick, so all you have to do is push a button on the end that you're holding. Here are five common situations that might require a selfie stick for photos.

If you plan to upload your pictures and movies to video sharing apps and photo sharing apps for iPhone and Android, use the appropriate selfie lighting to take the best selfie possible.

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When You Need to Fit Multiple People in a Group Selfie

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For a solo selfie, holding your arm out the old fashioned way usually works fine. However, if you want to get two or more people in one shot, you'll need to grab a selfie stick. You should then be able to fit everyone into your group photo.

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When You're Traveling and Want to Capture the Background Scenery

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It's not uncommon to find a selfie stick in the wild when there are tourists around. When people travel to someplace new, they often want to remember everything they saw by capturing it in a digital photo or video format.

What could be better than having yourself in those photos and videos? The selfie stick is a traveler's perfect solution for getting background scenery in a photo with your face too.

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When You Don't Want to Bother a Stranger to Take a Photo for You

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When you need to take a group picture, it's common practice to ask a stranger to take a photo that gets everyone and everything in the shot. However, strangers won't know how to operate your phone's camera, so they could end up capturing a terrible shot that's off-center or too dark. A selfie stick cuts out the middle person and gives you greater control over how your pictures turn out.

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When You Don't Want to See Your Arm in Your Selfies

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Holding your arm out far enough to take a selfie can be awkward, and you can almost always see your arm in the photo. Holding out your arm for long periods of time also gets tiring. Although aiming the selfie stick at the right angle takes practice, it is possible to take great photos or videos without seeing the stick. The selfie stick is also helpful for taking multiple photos or long videos when you don't have the strength to hold up your arm.

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When You Want to Capture More Creative Viewpoints

Thinking about bringing a selfie stick? Think again.

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Selfie sticks allow you to get more creative angles and different points of view. You can raise or lower the stick whichever way you want. Depending on the setting and position of the stick, you can create a fisheye effect in your photos. It's also a handy tool to have for keeping your phone stabilized when you're ready to snap a few selfies. 

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