Sirius XM Satellite Radio Personalities

Profiles and background information on several personalities

Sirius Satellite Radio offers an ever-growing list of hosts across its various channels, especially since its 2008 merger with XM. Many of these hosts are well-known DJs, talk show hosts and even celebrities who sometimes anchor special shows. In some cases, they may oversee programming on individual streams or channels.

Here's a list of some of the more interesting Sirius XM personalities.

'Howard Stern's Birthday Bash' Presented By SiriusXM, Produced By Howard Stern Productions - Inside
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Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Personalities

  • Howard Stern: Stern has been broadcasting on Sirius XM Radio since 2006 after spending 20 years at WXRK in New York City. He's called himself the "King of All Media."
  • Bill Walton: A retired basketball player and sportscaster, Walton's show "One More Saturday Night" is available on Sirius' Jam On channel, as well as on XM Radio's Grateful Dead channel. And yes, the show is named for that song. 
  • Vincent Pastore: Perhaps better known as Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero on HBO's "The Sopranos," Pastore also fittingly hosts "The Wiseguy Show" on Sirius Channel 104. 
  • Tony Hawk: The Birdman's "Demolition Radio" can be found on Faction Channel.
  • Sirius NFL/124: Check in here for live NFL games in season and broadcasts from all teams' training camps during the preseason. 
  • Kenny Smith: Now retired from the NBA, this basketball star is a studio analyst on Inside the NBA.
  • Jim Breuer: Fresh off four seasons on "Saturday Night Live," Breuer has been back with XM/Sirius since 2008. 
  • MC Lyte: Solo female rapper MC Lyte's show features a regular 10-minute "Lyte Mix." She was previously a co-host on the syndicated show Cafe Mocha.
  • Barry Williams: Brush up on your trivia. "The Real Greg Brady's Totally 70's Pop Quiz" airs Saturdays on the 70s on 7 Channel. 
  • Wavy Gravy: Peace activist, entertainer, and bona fide holdover hippie Wavy Gravy has two shows on the Sirius Jam On Channel: "Gravy in Your Ear" is available on the 15th of each month, and "The Wavy Files," which pops up somewhat randomly—you'll have to be a regular listener to catch this one. 
  • Mojo Nixon: The psychobilly musician no longer records and it's been years since he's played live, but he hosts a variety of shows on Sirius: "The Loon in the Afternoon" on Channel 60, "Mojo Nixon's Manifold Destiny" on Channel 90, and "Lyin' Cocksuckers" on Channel 99. The latter ended in November 2016. 
  • Shooter Jennings: Outlaw country and Southern rock singer/songwriter Jennings has hosted "Shooter Jennings' Electric Rodeo" on the Sirius XM Outlaw Country Channel since 2005.
  • Hillbilly Jim: "Hillbilly Jim's Moonshine Matinee" has been available on the Outlaw Country Channel—Channel 60—on Saturdays since 2005. You'll get music and hear some of his fonder WWF memories between songs.
  • David Johansen: American singer, songwriter, and actor David Johansen hosts "David Johansen's Mansion of Fun" on The Loft, Channel 30.
  • Dave Marsh: Author, editor, and music critic Dave Marsh hosts three shows: "Live from E Street Nation" on E Street Radio, "Kick Out the Jams" on Sundays on The Spectrum, and "Live from the Land of Hopes and Dreams," also on Sundays, on the Left and American Left channels. 
  • Jay Thomas: Thomas, born Jon Thomas Terrell, is an American actor and comedian whose creds include stints on "Mork & Mindy" and "Cheers." He hosts the "Jay Thomas Show" on Friday afternoons on Howard 101. 
  • Bruce Morrow: Better known as "Cousin Brucie," this radio personality hosts two programs on the 60s on 6 channel: "Cruisin' With Cousin Brucie" on Wednesday nights and "Cousin Brucie's Saturday Night Party—Live" on Saturday nights.  
  • Martha Quinn: The former MTV video jockey hosts various programs now and again on the 80s on 8 channel. 
  • Marky Ramone: Formerly the drummer for the punk rock band The Ramones, Marky Ramone currently hosts "Punk Rock Blitzkrieg" where he's been in place since 2005. 
  • Chris "Mad Dog" Russo: Sports radio announcer Russo signed up with Sirius in 2008. He now has his own channel, Mad Dog Radio, where he hosts Mad Dog Unleashed. 
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