How to Use Siri Shortcuts

This simple trick will simplify your life

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Siri Shortcuts is a feature introduced in iOS 12 that lets you use Siri to automate tasks on your iPhone or iPad. A simple phrase spoken to your iOS device will trigger the actions in the shortcut.

Shortcuts are created automatically based on frequent actions you take on your phone. For example, if you order food or coffee from the same app every day, Siri might suggest a shortcut that you can trigger to do the ordering for you. You can also make your own shortcuts that work with Siri.

There are actually a few different ways to run these shortcuts on your phone or tablet; Siri is just one method. You can also find them in the Shortcuts app, in your device's settings, on the home screen, and other locations.

Siri Shortcuts requires iOS 12 on a compatible device. To use the Shortcuts feature with third-party apps, the app itself has to include support for Shortcuts.

How to Make Siri Shortcuts

There are a few ways to make shortcuts that you can use with Siri:

From the Settings App

To see the shortcuts suggested by Siri based on your behavior, open the Settings app and tap Siri & Search. Select the plus sign next to a suggestion, tap the record button to decide what Siri should listen for to run the shortcut, and then select Done to save it.

Siri & Search, Plus icon in iOS Settings

If you don't see the suggested shortcut you're looking for, perform the action a few times and then return to Settings to see if it shows up.

Use a Third-Party App

Not all third-party apps support Siri Shortcuts, but if one of your apps does, you'll see an Add to Siri button that you can tap to record a phrase for Siri.

With the Shortcuts App

Another way to make Siri Shortcuts is with the Shortcuts app for iOS. Tap Create Shortcut from the Library menu to make your own shortcut, or use Gallery to browse shortcuts made by other users.

Create Shortcut, Add New Event, Done buttons in Siri Shortcuts app on iOS

After you've made a shortcut or added one to your personal library, tap the three-dotted button on the upper-right side of the shortcut. From there, select the Settings button at the top right, and then select Add to Siri to make a recording.

Horizontal dot icon, Shortcut playlist button, Add to Siri buttons in Shortcuts on iOS

How to Run a Siri Shortcut

Launching the shortcut with Siri is as easy as using the specific phrase you created while setting it up.

For example, you might say Hey Siri, play my favorite songs if your Siri Shortcut actions involve your music and you used the "play my favorite songs" phrase in the shortcut. Or maybe you can say Hey Siri, record my voice if you set up audio recording in your shortcut.

Disabling Siri Suggestions

You can turn off Siri Suggestions if you no longer want to see suggestions for Shortcuts. You can disable the feature for any specific app or turn it off globally on the lock screen, Search, and/or Look Up.