44 Things You Can Get Siri to Do with Apple TV

Is Voice Really the Most Natural Remote Control?

Apple TV Siri Remote
Jonny Evans

On an iPhone, Siri is Apple’s voice-activated solution that helps you get things done, but on the remote control you'll find inside the box with the latest model Apple TV it’s an incredibly versatile way to control what happens on your television.

OK, so how do you use Siri?

To use Siri you must hold down the Siri (microphone icon) button on your Apple TV Siri Remote, make your request and then release the button when you’re done talking.

Siri will do what it can to respond to your request by changing TV volume, rewinding a show, choosing a new artist and performing other tasks from its rapidly expanding repertoire. Unlike when you use Siri on iPads or iPhones, Siri on Apple TV doesn’t talk — its responses appear at the bottom of your TV screen.

Siri is currently available to Apple TV users in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, UK and the US. It is expected to be introduced into new territories in future, matching the continued territorial expansion of Siri on other iOS devices.

#TIP: Siri will suggest a range of things you can ask it to do when you press and release the Siri button – just read the suggestions on the screen.

What can Siri do?

Siri can handle all kinds of questions. Take a look at the ones listed below. There is a tendency for it to favor Apple's apps, but this is also improving – search for movies and the results will let you switch between providers, for example.

Siri can also be used for Dictation, though you have to enable this in Settings>General>Dictation. Once you do get dictation up and running, you will be able to dictate text into any text field in any app — you just need to depress the Siri/microphone button and spell out any complex words.

Search for movies

You can ask Siri questions like:

  • “Find me movies directed by Quentin Tarantino.”
  • “Find me movies about dogs.”
  • “Show me films with Robin Williams.”
  • “Show me funny horror movies.”
  • “What are some popular new releases?”

You can also ask about release dates, cast members and more.


  • “What should I watch?”
  • “Get me Episode 1, Series 3 of Fringe”
  • “Find Nathan Barley”
  • “Find me popular comedy shows”
  • “Find me some shows that are good for kids.”

You can also ask about release dates, cast members and more.

Search better

When Siri fetches answers for you it’s possible to refine your search, so once you’ve asked it to find you (for example) “movies about dogs”, you can make further demands:

  • “Only show me the ones from this year.”
  • “Just show me the best ones.” (Siri refers to reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to help decide which films to recommend.)
  • “Show me the ones with Lassie.”
  • “Only the action films.”
  • “What should I watch?”

While you watch

Siri stays useful once you start watching whatever it is you want to watch, allowing you to say things like:

  • “Pause”
  • “Rewind 10 seconds” (or a minute, ten minutes – whatever you like)
  • “Skip forward 70 seconds.”
  • “Turn on Portugese subtitles.”
  • “Turn on closed captioning.”
  • “Who stars in this?”

All those are pretty useful, but ask “What did she/he say?” or “What just happened?” and Siri will rewind a few seconds and briefly show you captions so you can catch up.

Apple Music

If you use Apple Music you can get Siri to help:

  • “Play BlackStar by David Bowie.”
  • “Add Lazarus by David Bowie to my collection.”
  • “Play more like this.”
  • “Play the live version of this song.”
  • “Play me some dance music.”
  • “Play me hits from 1973.”


You can ask for information while you watch TV…

About what you are watching…

  • “Who stars in this?”
  • “Who directed this?”
  • “When was this released?”
  • “Show me dramas.”


  • “What’s the weather?”
  • “When is sunrise in Lisbon, Portugal?”
  • “What’s the weather like in Paris?”

Stocks and sports

  • “Where did the NASDAQ close today?”
  • “Show me football scores”
  •  “Who plays in goal for Barcelona?”


You can also use Siri to control what you do, using phrases like:

  • “Open iTunes.”
  • “Open the App Store”
  • “Find racing games in the App Store.”
  • “Launch MUBI” (or any other app)
  • “Go to Photos.”

Next Steps

Now you know what sort of questions you can ask Siri you should go read about some of the best TV, video, and movie content apps you can download to your Apple TV today.